Twice Is Nice

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I completely disagree about what type of vacation we should take (even though we’ve been married for over 10 years). He likes active, sports-oriented trips and I prefer beach and quiet (and a spa treatment now and then). I say we should take separate vacations. He says that will […]

The Blessing of Children

Dear Short Answers: My daughter is almost 12 years old and I am beginning to wonder more and more than she might not be my child. My wife and I were having marital difficulties before my daughter was born and I think she might have cheated on me. My daughter doesn’t look at all like […]

Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: I recently met this girl at bar where a lot of my friends go. I thought she was new in town because I had never seen her before. I want to ask her out but one of my friends said that she is a total psycho and I should stay away. But […]

More Is More

Dear Short Answers: Last year I had a big summer barbecue for about 100 people. Actually, it turned out to be for about 150 people because people brought friends that I hadn’t planned on. At first I didn’t mind, but then we ran out of food and beer and I was totally embarrassed. Invited guests […]

Mirror, Mirror

Dear Short Answers: What should I wear on a first date? Nervous Dear Nervous Whatever you feel comfortable in. Like Unlike

The Zen of Management

Dear Short Answers: This isn’t a question but a comment. The 7-20 column had you saying that the BOSS of a department should let the staff settle it themselves, isn’t that exactly what a boss is for, keeping the office running smoothly, not just letting the office figure it out themselves? A seeker Dear Seeker: […]

Benefit of the Doubt

Dear Short Answers: Do you have the right to be mad when friends don’t stay in touch or disappear for an extended time? Is it unreasonable? Peeved Dear Peeved: Yes you have the right to be mad.  But why not call and say ” whassup with you?”  There might be a good reason. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I am going to be 60 this month and not happy with the way I look. How do I reinvent myself? Feeling Haggish Dear F.H.: We are great believers in the psychological and physical benefits of diet and exercise.  If you feel better; you’ll look better.  Beyond that — new hair color, […]