Old Question/New Answer

Dear Short Answers: I recently “retired” and am having a terrible time actually saying that word. Because I don’t feel “retired” at all. I volunteer at the local food bank (I used to be a nutritionist at a big hospital) and I am happier than I have been in years. When people ask me what […]

Love It or Leave It

Dear Short Answers: My wife made good money her entire life and decided to retire last year at the age of 60. I thought it was a great idea but now I regret it. All she does now is have fun while I go to work every day. I didn’t think it would bother me […]

Best Forgotten

Dear Short Answers: I went to a big party last week where a few of the men got very very drunk — which is not unusual in this town. One of them burst in while I was in the bathroom and became very sexually aggressive. He was so drunk that it wasn’t difficult for me […]

Trouble Maker

Dear Short Answers: I am having a dinner party in a couple of weeks and can only invite 6 people (my table only seats 8). If there are 2 couples where I like one person and not the other — do I really need to invite them as couples? It’s my party, why can’t I […]

It’s a Strategy

Dear Short Answers: I have had a crush on my yoga instructor for a long time but I always thought that he was gay. I just found out that he has a girlfriend! Now I am perplexed. Can I ask him out (I am female) even though he has a girl friend? We are both […]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: My next door neighbor is an artist who lost her husband about 5 years ago. She has become very close with her gardener who suddenly seems to be living with her. I am afraid that he is taking advantage of her money and her loneliness. How do I stop this from happening? […]

It Ain’t Easy

Hi Short Answers: My friend has broken up with her boyfriend and I feel like she’s depressed, because they were in a relationship for more than 2 years and she liked him and they were planning to marry. Now she should forget all that! How can she do it?? What should she do??  How can […]

Let it Slide

Dear Short Answers: I was in a relationship with a girl that I liked a lot, but she broke up, and I didn’t know why??!!  She gave me some reasons but I wasn’t satisfied enough.  Anyway, now she’s gone and I’ve accepted that. But the problem is that I’m still thinking of her and our […]

Cheating Hearts

Dear Short Answers: Do you ever tell friends how rude and thoughtless it is of them to bypass your important events that they say they will attend, in favor of their cheating boyfriends? Pissed Off Dear P.O.: Your friend is “cheating” on you and deserves her cheating boyfriend.  This behavior is so 20th century — […]

The Nature of Knowledge

Dear Short Answers: How do people know things? Puzzled Dear P: Knowing is generally a highly honed combination of study, insight and experience. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

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