The Truth Will Set You Free

Dear Short Answers: Every year for the past several years, a good friend of mine has invited me and my partner to his house for Thanksgiving. And every year, he has cancelled at the last minute. That leaves me in the embarrassing position of finding a place to go for Thanksgiving after everyone else has […]

Just Don’t

Dear Short Answers: My husband has the very annoying habit of making me say things I don’t mean and then punishing me for it. For example, he decided that he didn’t want to have a big Thanksgiving dinner this year and wanted to go out to a restaurant instead. I argued with him but he […]

The Best Defense

Dear Short Answers: In the small town where I live, I have a large group of friends.  Some of us are single, others are married (or on their 2nd or 3rd marriage). A couple of them have started to hint that they would like to introduce “sex” into the group. I’m not exactly sure what […]

Lighten Up (sic) Department

Dear Short Answers: Now that the holidays are here, I am getting sick and tired of people pushing me to eat and drink too much. When I say that I am dieting or that I only allow myself one drink per day, I get chastised for being a “Grinch.” “This isn’t the season to diet!” […]

Doggie Don’ts

Dear Short Answers: I have a dog that is diabetic and on a very strict diet. Between special food and insulin injections, he is doing pretty good. The problem is well-meaning dog-lovers who insist on “sneaking” him a treat. There are shop owners who have treats behind their counters. The other dog owners in the […]

Good Manners Cover a Multitude of Slips

Dear Short Answers: There is an older woman (in her 70s or 80s I would guess) who I see frequently at the grocery store and other places in town. She is always very well-dressed and seems pretty sharp. The odd thing is that she always introduces herself to me (even though we have met many […]

Easy One

Dear Short Answers: I invited a couple to a cocktail party starting at 8:00 pm. They brought their 4 month old daughter. They spent the entire night trying to stop her from crying. I invited the same couple to a costumed Halloween cocktail party at 8:00 pm.  Invite stated “A night of adult fun, no […]

It’s (Still) a Free Country

Dear Short Answers: The house next door is for sale and my wife and I are very concerned that we get the right family — quiet with no little kids. The last family had two little terrors who started playing outside (weather permitting) at the crack of dawn every Saturday and Sunday. My wife wants […]

Department of “Fohgetaboutit”

Dear Short Answers: I recently moved to a new town and am trying to get to know the people here. Quite often, when I am introduced to a new person, they chuckle and say “Oh, I’ve heard ALL about you!!” It is true that I have done some things in the past that I am […]

Switch Hitting?

Dear Short Answers: I have always thought that I was gay and have been happily having sex with men for 20 years. Until recently. There is a new woman at work who I absolutely adore. I even have dreams about having sex with her. I’d love to ask her out and see what happens. Should […]

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