Whose Party is it?

Dear Short Answers: I recently got engaged and I’m quickly finding out that planning a wedding is as much about satisfying family members’ desires as it is your own. How do I say “no” to them? Bride2B Dear 2B: You can’t please all the people all the time. Decide now — is this your wedding, […]

What’s the Problem?

Dear Short Answers: A neighbor of mine came to a holiday party at my home (lots of children in attendance) with a guest, whom I later found out was a prostitute. She wasn’t invited, and very obviously didn’t want to be there. He claims he didn’t know her lifestyle “before”, but that she did reveal […]

Ask the English

Dear Short Answers: Three years ago I felt a change in my sexuality. I’m not  full  blown Gay but I have fallen to cross dressing  — which turns me on now at this advanced age. I am enjoying it, and that is what’s puzzling  to me. How and what happened to my body’s system? Is […]

Inevitable Outcomes

Dear Short Answers: My dad decided to leave his second marriage at 75 after failing to convince his second wife (to join him) in a three-some. The new woman is homosexual and 25 years younger then him. It seems a little precarious and I am not sure how to handle it. Please help. Concerned for […]

A Dickinsian Tale

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has been living in my home for the past 3 months and I just started to ask him to share some of the expenses. He gladly gave me 1/2 of what I requested and I am wondering how soon can I ask for the rest without appearing to be cheap? […]

Even Steven?

Dear Short Answers: I have noted that when I visit or receive family, my partner feels that she has to do the same, like if she wanted to make sure she was protected by her own blood. Is this normal? Should I worry that my family is overwhelming? Steve Dear Steve: Is your family overwhelming? […]

Look BOTH Ways

Dear Short Answers: I am not a feminist but I am a modern woman and feel that I have to think of my future as if I was alone. Is this necessarily dangerous for a relationship? Planning Solo Dear Solo: We are feminists, and we think if you don’t plan for  yourself, you are a […]


Dear Short Answers: What is a friend — in a short answer? Just Wondering Dear Just: A friend is someone who keeps you coming back for more … a friendship is the ongoing dialogue. Like Unlike