He’s There, You’re Not

Dear Short Answers: My brother is visiting my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and my Mom is working very hard to take care of him. She is 84, he is 89. My Mom called me and she was sad and hurt because she had offered to put some of his clothes in the washing machine [...]

When Black Tie Isn’t Black Tie

Dear Short Answers: I was recently invited to a Black Tie Event in another city.  I took the invitation seriously and schlepped my tux 2000 miles.  But when I got there, most people were in jeans and checked shirts!!! I am very annoyed… whassup with this? Tuxxed Off Dear TO: We agree!! Black Tie means [...]

Communicology 101

Dear Short Answers: Give me a short answer on the issue of networking. Jill Dear Jill: Networking is a very good thing. Like Unlike

Social Graces

Dear Short Answers: How long can I be mad at my friend for NOT inviting me to an event?  I probably would have hated it –  but still… A. Dear A: NOT. This is worth one witty barb — anymore is beating a dead horse. And tedious.  However, if you seriously feel slighted, then have [...]

An Amateur’s Game

Dear Short Answers: My new daughter-in-law is a doll and, I thought, a responsible person. She recently accepted my offer to use my classic sports car, along with specific instructions on dealing with its idiosyncratic nature when driving. Everything and everyone is fine, but an unfortunate and expensive incident resulted from her admitted inattention. I [...]

Offense Taken

Dear Short Answers: I have a terrible aversion to nail biting. I don’t know why but it makes me shudder to watch people chew their nails and cuticles off. Unfortunately, some close friends and co-workers do this. I’ve, on occasion, asked them to stop, but it’s not always appropriate. What’s a polite way to point [...]


Dear Short Answers: I’ve noticed that, on certain occasions, a female colleague I respect starts using “effing” every other word when she’s talking about work. I made a polite remark about it once and she misunderstood me — she thought I was agreeing with her about something. I’m no prude, and can swear like a [...]

It Depends on What You Think “It” Is

Dear Short Answers: I think my boyfriend is checking his texts … while we are having sex!!!! Does this mean he is cheating? Hold the Phone Dear Hold: Well, you certainly don’t have his full attention.  And if you think that it cheating — it’s cheating. BUT we think it is probably a simple case [...]

Don’t Blame the Fat Man

Dear Short Answers: Last week I was on a flight sitting in an aisle seat. I got up to go the bathroom and when I returned, I was shocked to see the person who had previously been at the window, sitting in my seat. The problem was that I had left my laptop open on [...]


Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine recently announced the death of a close relative on FaceBook. I was shocked and and thought it was, at the very least very inappropriate. Am I hopelessly old fashioned? Over 30 Dear O: Yes. You are hopelessly old fashioned. FB is many things but at minimum it is [...]

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