Just Sayin’

Dear Short Answers: I don’t like being with people my own age — especially women. I hate to say it but they make me feel old. How low can I go without appearing ridiculous? Dick Dear Dick: These women your age that make you feel old … if they were dating someone younger, at what [...]

Just Testing

Dear Short Answers: My formerly angelic 5-year old has started to act out.  It’s hard to be specific, she is just bad all the time! No big changes in our life, so why is this happening? Mom Dear Mom: Maybe being an angel is boring. Maybe she is testing boundaries. Just make sure you don’t [...]

Worried Wanderer

Dear Short Answers: I’ve been in a great relationship for the past two years. I really love him and have never been happier. The problem is that I’ve always had a wandering eye. I’ve never cheated on him, or even come close, but I’ve cheated on guys in the past, and I do develop crushes [...]

It’s Her Story and She’s Sticking to It

Dear Short Answers: Everything my older sister says about herself is a lie. I can’t stand it anymore. What should I do? I Was There, Too Dear Too: Everyone is entitled to their own narrative.  And our experience is people get very committed to their version of truth. Leave it alone. Like Unlike

Past Sins?

Dear Short Answers: I didn’t get a Valentine Present for my girl and she is pissed off.  I think it is a stupid commercial holiday and I think she should apologize for being dumb.  What do you think? A Guy with Principles Dear Guy: We happen to agree with you.  But she’s your girl, and [...]

Hungry Eyes?

Dear Short Answers: What should I have for dinner? It’s Still Early Dear Early: It’s  your dinner Darling, have anything you want. Like Unlike

Shuddup and Listen

Dear Short Answers: What is the best way to engage in a conversation with a woman you like? JAM Dear JAM: The best way to engage a woman in conversation is to ask her intelligent, open-ended questions about her life. “Tell me about your job…”  “Tell me about your family…”  “Tell me about the best [...]

Facts of Life

Dear Short Answers: Have you ever encountered a man who replaces the toilet paper on the roller? Wife Dear Wife: Never  seen it in a heterosexual household. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Slap Happy

Dear Short Answers: I have an old friend who has become very successful over the years.  She is successful in her business life and in her family life but it has become excruciating to hear her stories! Can it be that she never screws up? Can it be that her husband or her children never [...]