Don’t Try This at Home

Dear Short Answers: Is it possible to gain 15 pounds in a month? My Scale Is Lying Dear Scale: It is possible to gain 15lbs, but definitely not recommended.  Although we have heard of scales that lie, we think that it is unlikely. Like Unlike

Old News

Dear Short Answers: My husband of many, many years really hates my parents … for good reason.  But they are old now and I feel like he should have drawn his toe in the dirt years ago.  But since he didn’t, now, just let it go!  Am I wrong? Monkey in the Middle Dear Monkey: [...]

From the Old Testament…

Dear Short Answers: What is Management? A Worker Dear Worker: Management is the ability to get others to execute your ideas while getting them to own the outcome. Like Unlike

Horses for Courses

Dear Short Answers: Another friend of mine has found her own true love. They are truly high on each other and after just 3 months they are planning their wedding. I’m happy for her. But a little jealous. It’s not that simple for me. I have a boyfriend and I love him but the idea [...]

Equal Opportunity

Der Short Answers: It really pisses me off that people hold gay marriages to a higher standard. Gay friends of mine who were briefly married are now seeking divorce and the whole town is buzzing about it. Straight people are rolling their eyes and gay people seem embarrassed. Some marriages don’t work. Is this new [...]

Timeless Tales … Continued

Dear Short Answers: I love my husband and I love my babies.  I’ve been married for 6 years and the good things about him are still really good.  But so are all the bad things (he drinks, swears off, is good as gold and then he drinks again).  I think the people in my town, [...]


Dear Short Answers: I’m still single after all these years. Nobody knows better than I do what the reasons are but some of the women in my past were really special.  I stay in touch with most of them. I’m contemplating a reunion with one of them who is also still single.  What is tempting [...]

The Longing in Long Distance

Dear Short Answers: I have been in many long distance relationships lately and don’t know if it is healthy not  to have someone physically close to talk to. Do you think I am making a good decision? BJ Dear BJ: Long distance relations have some advantages but day-to-day comforts are not one of them. If [...]

Worries in the Thirties

Dear Short Answers: I’m 31 years old and I have a good job.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.  Should I quit and try to find something that really is exciting?  I feel like I’m moving through life in second gear. Half Empty Dear Half Empty: We get it — everything is [...]

Say It Ain’t So

Dear Short Answers: Is it true you now give advice to dogs too? Joe Dear Joe:No it isn’t so.  We do not give advice to dogs — that would be presumptuous. However, Jeff and his life partner Hy Conrad have written a book that tells you everything your dog has on his mind. It’s called [...]

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