Absolutely No Experience

Dear Short Answers: How do  I do abstinence? Really Serious Dear Serious: Sorry darling, we never tried it. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

The color of money

Dear Short Answers: What financial rules of thumb should you keep in mind while designing your budget? Trying to Be Good Dear Good: Start with how much you earn, subtract fixed costs, and design your budget with what’s left.  Do this on paper — it will keep you more honest than mental calculations. Like Unlike

Facts of Life

Dear Short Answers: What are the advantages & disadvantages of Internet usage in a organization? Bill Dear Bill: Although the Internet creates some issues in an organization (it can be a distraction, there are often privacy concerns, it may change the quality of interaction between colleagues), it is a critical to our lives.  This is […]

Birds of a Feather

Dear Short Answers: What is a chemical bond? Susie Dear Susie: A chemical bond is when the primary connection between people is a propensity to alcohol, drugs or gluten free foods. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

New Rules

Dear Short Answers: Help!!! I sit in an open office space and one of my colleagues, who’s very sweet, sniffles loudly all day long. She seems to have allergies, so it never stops. I find it really distracting and have tried giving her tissues but she doesn’t get the hint. I can’t understand how she […]

Take(s) Two

Dear Short Answers: What is the most effective way to forget someone??  Is it to delete everything and runaway?? Or to confront it , face her and try to solve it?? Suffering Dear Suffering: It sounds like you are conflicted about this relationship.  You seem uncertain about wanting to forget her or looking for another […]

Full Disclosure

Dear Short Answers: I moved in with my boyfriend so we could both save money but this hasn’t happened. What should I do? I kinda hate to mention it but I don’t know where the money is going. Dollars and Sense Dear D&S: Hopefully you moved in together to progress your relationship not just to […]

Matters of Taste

Dear Short Answers: I have a couple of questions. They are both  about serving salad at my at home casual dinner parties. First, if the salad is to be eaten with the meal, rather than before or after, and served directly on the dinner plate, am I correct in thinking that salad forks should not […]

Knowing When

Dear Short Answers: I find my social life exhausting. I like entertaining and I like going out but lately I feel like I do all the work. What do you think? Social Butterfly Dear Butter: Fly darling, fly! If you can’t get on a plane, then take a few weeks off from the party and […]