Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Short Answers: I hate the way my girlfriend wears her hair. It always looks dirty and messy. My mother complains to me about it all the time. What should I do? Just the Boyfriend Dear Boy: Your mother’s view is of no concern to us and should not be to you. And your view [...]

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Dear Short Answers: I have lived with my boyfriend for almost a year. It has been an eye-opener and I’m not sure I like what I see. What used to look like “easy going,” now looks like lazy.  What used to look like “enjoying life,” now looks like no discipline. But I love him. Help! [...]

Faulty Syllogism

Dear Short Answers: Why am I afraid to get married? Everyone else I know is finally doing it and my boyfriend would probably say “yes” if I asked him but I am really afraid that all the good stuff we have together will disappear if we actually get married. Why can’t we just have a [...]

You Asked the Question

Dear Short Answers: What is the internet? Shawn Dear Shawn: The internet is a very fun thing to play with, but you should only do it in private. Like Unlike

It’s a Wonder

Dear Short Answers: What is love? Grasshopper Dear Grasshopper: Love is the  inspiration, inclination, and intention to be careful with another. Like Unlike

A Slippery Slope

Dear Short Answers: What happens if I don’t get my car inspected? Al Dear Al: If you don’t get your car inspected, you will get stopped by a cop. When you get stopped by a cop, he might notice other things.  If he notices other things, you will have to get a lawyer. When you [...]

Timing Is Everything

Dear Short Answers: I just heard that my best friend’s ex just got married. I’m sure she doesn’t know. Should I tell her? Alice Dear Alice: Of course you should tell her — but wait. The time and manner will present itself. Like Unlike

Mirror, Mirror

Dear Short Answers: My friend is in her sixties and dresses like she is 25. I think she looks ridiculous. How do I tell her without damaging our friendship. Concerned about Appropriate Dear Concerned: Leave her alone! She’s not applying for a job or  learning “fashion basics.” Are you sure you’re not jealous? Like Unlike

Health and Hygiene

Dear Short Answers: Why do my pickles taste like oranges? Smelly Nelly Dear Nelly: Try cleaning your fridge and wrapping your cut fruit. Like Unlike

Power of Positive

Dear Short Answers: My 95 year old dad thinks he is 60.  What should I do? Concerned Son Dear Son: Live and learn.  Support him as much as seems reasonable (and safe) to you. Like Unlike