Did We Mention a Sense of Humor?

Dear Short Answers: What are the basic requirements for a good marriage? In Love, Not sure Dearie: First, you have to like yourself. Second, you have to like the other person. Third, you need to agree to duke out the tough ones. Door Slamming; no leaving. 1 person likes this post. Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who goes out to lunch with me and after her meal, she takes out a toothpick or a floss stick and begins to pick at her teeth. It turns my stomach as I sit across from her. Am I wrong to be grossed out? Totally Nauseated Dear TN: […]

Uneasy Truce

Dear Short Answers: Is there any way to keep birds from nesting in my hanging plants? Unwilling Landlord Dear Unwilling: We have the same problem!  We have tried removing the nest as its being built, moving the plant, dryer sheets, loud noises, slamming doors, dirty looks, and finally a negotiation with mom: you stay but […]

Thinness Is a Drug

Dear Short Answers: I lost 5 pounds last week and I am happier than I’ve been in a year.  Is this crazy? So Thin, So Beautiful Dear T&B: We’ve been there and understand the high. But know this: 5 pounds in one week is probably not sustainable.  Enjoy it while you can, try to keep […]

Shut Up

Dear Short Answers: I know this was stupid but I told my boyfriend “the number” and he was devastated — maybe threatened, but definitely angry even though he asked. What should I do now? So Sorry Dear SS: Well, now you know. Just because he asks, doesn’t mean you have to answer. Never bring it […]

Just Do it!

Dear Short Answers: I should have written a condolence note two months ago, but I didn’t . Now I feel like I need to cross the street every time I see the person. What should I do? Apologize? Mortified Dear M: Trust us, the person is still grieving — write the note. Don’t apologize, it […]

So What? You’re Right!

Dear Short Answers: We go out with another couple to dinner and after dinner, they take a napkin and truly blow their nose into it and lay it on the dish for the waitress to pick it up. It seems they do it all the time, especially the men. Yuck — that drives me to […]

How Much to Sacrifice for an Ideal/Idol

Dear Short Answers: Can you be happily married to someone you are not physically attracted to? If many other necessary ingredients for marital happiness are present in the relationship, can this problem be solved? Honestly Trying Dear HT: This is tough.  Physical attraction is bigger than sex. Physical attraction  is what smooths over all the […]

One More Time

Dear Short Answers: What is love? Searching Dear Searching: We think love is the irresistible inclination to care for another person. Empathy, kindness, and respect are some usual expression of same. Like Unlike

Yackity Yack/Bow Wow

Dear Short Answers: We live in a neighborhood where there are 20 plus dogs who yip, yap, yelp and bark constantly. We get no peace trying to enjoy our deck and yard. The neighbors show no respect for taking their dogs in when they start barking. Some even leave for the day and leave the […]

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