Be Careful What You Wish For

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend is too nice to me. It makes me feel like he isn’t a real man. Should I tell him how I feel? Princess Dear P: Examine your values. Would you like him to break your nose? Like Unlike

Aging Isn’t for Sissies

Dear Short Answers: I find that I am more and more irritated by my elderly parent. I hate myself for feeling this way. Sad Offspring Dear SO: Excuse yourself and be as kind as possible to your parent. These are tough times for both of you. Like Unlike

A Short Answer

Dear Short Answers: It’s so hot I want to die. Is there any way I can bail out of a back yard BBQ and stay in my air-conditioned apartment? Cat Dear Cat: No. Gotta go. Like Unlike

Get a Dog

Dear Short Answers: We just returned from a excellent week away only to find that the cat sitter lost one of our two cats and somehow left the other cat and our entire apartment infested with fleas! We paid her $200! I want to publicly humiliate her. My boy friend thinks I am over-reacting. What […]

Wishful Dreaming

Dear Short Answers: Is there any way to sleep with my co-worker without losing my boyfriend in the process? Carole Dear Carole: We don’t know of an answer to your question that is not hurtful or self destructive, but if you figure it out, please let us know! Like Unlike

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