Opportunities abound

Dear Short Answers: How does fungi typically enter the body? Worried Dear Worried: Anyway possible…. Like Unlike

Looking for Love in the Wrong Place

Dear Short Answers: I work in a very small company,  My boss is a great guy but has a lot “issues” and one of them is has a lot of trouble telling me that I’ve done a good job and that he likes me!  I’m not looking for romance, I swear — but it is […]

How to Feel Better Now

Dear Short Answers: What is the secret of life? Need Help Dear NH: Do the the most difficult thing of your day FIRST. Like Unlike

Blame Julia

Dear Short Answers: When throwing a dinner party, how much do I really have to pay attention to everyone’s dietary restrictions? Between the gluten-free people, the dairy-free people, the fat-free people, the salt-free people, the sugar-free people, the vegetarians and the vegans, I don’t know what to cook anymore … steamed vegetables? What’s the answer? […]

Do It Well or Don’t Do It

Dear Short Answers: My sister is going on vacation and I am stuck with our elderly mom. I don’t want to be pissed off but I am so angry I can hardly be civil. Peggy Dear Peggy: Un-civil is unacceptable.  Find another option. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

A Dash of Salt in the Wound Won’t Kill You

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend is 20 years younger than I am and so hot! It’s all great but somehow I know she will dump me. My question is this: will my old friends (who I barely see)  still be there for me? Getting Nervous Dear GN: Your real friends will be there for you.  […]

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Dear Short Answers: My wife was very ambitious on my behalf.  It’s a little more complicated than just blind ambition but I did something terrible to please her. Then she did something terrible, and now I feel like something terrible is about ready to happen to me.  Also, I think I am hallucinating — ghosts, […]

One Life, Many Options

Dear Short Answers: I am almost 60 and wondering if I should retire. How much money is enough? Howie Dear Howie: There are many financial planning tools available on line which will help you arrive at a numerical answer.  However, we approach the problem  another way. The amount of money you have is what you […]