High or Mighty?

Dear Short Answers: I huff and puff and breathe very hard when I mountain bike with my wife at 9,000 feet and she is in the lead. Is it just the altitude or is it my wife? Signed, Anonymous and out of breath Dear Anon: Sounds like you think it’s a bit of both.  Are […]

Math Joke?

Dear Short Answers: What’s the difference between the quadratic parent function and the linear parent function? Dan Dear Dan: A quadratic parent function is defined by the intense and often contradictory energy given off by two parents and two step-parents. A linear parent function is one opinionated mama sounding off. Like Unlike

Not Love, Actually

Dear Short Answers: I really prefer having sex with myself versus having sex with other people. Is that a problem? 40R Dear 40R: Not a problem until (unless) you are looking for a cuddle, understanding, or some home cooking. Like Unlike

Who Elected You?

Dear Short Answers: There is a new person at work who I suspect is taking drugs. He goes from quiet and nearly asleep to excited and talkative in the blink of an eye — but only after a trip to the men’s room. His eyes also look very strange to me. Do you think I […]

Whaaa Hoo!!!

Dear Short Answers: Cuando recibas la noticia de que te aceptaron en la universidad, ¿a quién se la dirás primero? J Dear J: Us first… congrats! Now everyone else. Like Unlike

What a Drag It Is, Getting Old

Dear Short Answers: I am in my 60s and happy about everything in my life except one thing. I want to have some wild sex again before I die. I love my wife but the sexual spark isn’t there for either of us. We’ve talked about it and there are many other things that keep […]

Growing Up

Dear Short Answers: I love Bill Clinton now more than ever. I even dream about him. Is this a problem? A Florid Floridian Dear FF: We love him too, but have come to accept that he is simply unavailable. Does this help? 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Your Ignorance Is Showing

Dear Short Answers: A casual friend of mine recently sent me an email asking me to donate money to a project that her daughter is working on. It’s some sort of film project and she needs to raise $15,000. I don’t mind giving to real charities or to help someone I actually know. But I […]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Dear Short Answers: I have grown children who I love and respect — I even like their spouses. But here’s the problem: I hardly ever see them! I know I am lucky — most of my friends’ kids are very dependent, either financially or emotionally but at least they see them! What should I do? […]


Dear Short Answers: I have a very dear friend who has had 2 children over the past 4 years. Before the kids, we went out together, talked almost every day and truly enjoyed each other’s company. I know that kids will change relationships like this but ever since they were born, that’s all my friend […]

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