Nice Try

Dear Short Answers: I have a member of my team who stutters pretty badly. He’s good at his job but when he presents his work to clients, it’s pretty uncomfortable for everyone in the room.  To date, I’ve allowed him to present because I want to show him the respect he deserves and I want […]

Are You Kidding?

Dear Short Answers: A woman I casually know accidentally sent me a text that was clearly intended for someone she plans to have sex with. (She immediately followed up with a text that said “please ignore previous text — wrong friend!!”). Would it be wrong to forward this text to her husband and let him […]

Low Information Voters

Dear Short Answers: I don’t know what’s going on but I meet a lot of people who say they can’t decide who to vote for president. That all politicians are the same. To me, the differences are as clear as night and day. Has America gotten even stupider???? I don’t argue with people who want […]

Thank You for Not Smoking

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend is a smoker but I am not. I have hinted that he should quit but he tells me that he doesn’t want to. I know that people change. What are the chances that I can get him to quit if we get really, really serious? Betty Dear Betty: The ENTIRE […]

Tiara Not Essential

Dear Short Answers: I am going to a black tie event — it is midweek, but in NYC with many celebs. My standard black dresses suddenly seem not quite festive enough. What’s enough? Cinderella Dear Cindy: You can’t compete with the celebs.  You are not required to leave your comfort zone for events of this […]

‘Tis the Season

Dear Short Answers: I have received THREE fundraising requests from the same person in the last two weeks. Admittedly all for different causes, but I think three is excessive. What do you think? Why Me? Dear Me: Them that has, gets asked. But you are not required to answer all prayers. Like Unlike

Not What You Want to Hear

Dear Short Answers: Do I have to go to the wedding of a niece I have hardly seen since she was a baby? Can I just send a gift? Grumpy Dear Grumpy: In these times, weddings, funerals, and any other events for which invitations are printed are often the ONLY times families assemble en masse. […]