Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels

Dear Short Answers: Now that the holidays are here, I am starting to panic about all the food that is going to be EVERYWHERE. I lost 50 pounds last year and I am desperate to keep it off. I’m tempted to decline every holiday invitation that I get but that will just make me more […]

Recipe for Heartache

Dear Short Answers: Is it possible to be friends with your ex? Missing Her Dear Missing: No.  Although there are some exceptions,  friendship with an ex is a very risky proposition.  There is something inherently unbalanced in the relationship. One party is likely to be needier,  or more vulnerable and the designation “ex” is the […]

The Sadness of Knowing

Dear Short Answers: I always think I know the answer to other peoples problems. I know when they are dating the wrong fellow, I know when it’s time for them to change jobs, I know what they should do about bratty kids and I know when they should go on a diet. I also know […]

Go with the Flow

Dear Short Answers: I hate “token gifts.” I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy but friends and relatives seem to prefer giving and getting some piece of junk. I would rather get or give something significant — or skip the whole thing. What should I do? Roll over or hide through the holidays? Bah! Dear Bah: […]

You’re Right. So What?

Dear Short Answers: My brother-in-law is 53 and has been an alcoholic for 15 years. He has been arrested, in jail, and homeless. He has no job. His wife left him and his kids won’t acknowledge that he is alive. But my husband (his brother) continues to try to help by bailing him out, cleaning […]

No Contest

Dear Short Answers: My son wants to quit school. He says he will get a GED. Is a GED as good as a high school diploma? Worried Mom Dear Mom: NO. A GED is not as good as a high school diploma. Studies show that graduates are better able to hold jobs and advance, develop […]

Don’t Look for Trouble

Dear Short Answers: By almost all measures, I have a great job. It pays well. It has a moral center. I get to do the right thing and am never under any pressure otherwise. I get high marks for my performance across the board. And the job even has a defined benefit plan. But the […]

Lost and Found

Dear Short Answers: Did Gary get lost? RG Dear RG: Not that we know of … have you found him? Like Unlike

Made for Each Other

Dear Short Answers: How do you recognize carbohydrates? B. Dear B: We recognize carbs by their easy relationship with butts and bellies. Like Unlike

Different Strokes

Dear Short Answers: Why was Napoleon so popular? Josephine Dear J: Some chicks are mad crazy for little guys. Like Unlike

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