Above our Pay Grade

Dear Short Answers: Do you think General Petraeus had to resign? Did Obama have to accept his resignation? Former Military Dear FM: We are civilians. To us, this was a family matter. We think that when we hold our leaders to a higher standard (or a different one) than we hold for ourselves and our […]

Ho Ho Ho

Dear Short Answers: Why do I feel this enormous relief that the holidays are over? I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted? Am I the only one who feels this way? So Relieved Dear Relieved: We hear you.  You feel FREE from the obligation to be social, generous, cheerful, and the anxiety of […]

Don’t Try This on Your Own

Dear Short Answers: I think everyone who has a gun should carry it unconcealed on some designated day. Let’s see what’s really out there. Bill Dear Bill: We get the sentiment. Contact your local police if you want to make this happen.  It would be an eye-opener — it’s really scary out there. Like Unlike

Reach Out and Call Someone

Dear Short Answers: My kids didn’t even call on Christmas day. What did I do wrong? Mom Dear Mom: You did nothing wrong … they did.  On the other hand, if you really wanted to speak to them, is your dialing finger broken? 1 person likes this post. Unlike

An Easy One

Dear Short Answers: Is it always a good idea to say what’s on your mind? Jack Dear Jack: No. Like Unlike

Do What You Have to Do

Dear Short Answers: Is it possible to quit drinking without AA? Thinking about It Dear Thinking: Honest Answer: we don’t know. We have seen some people succeed on their own and some fail miserably. We have also seen people who have been helped by AA when nothing else worked. The important thing is to decide […]

We Send Love

Dear Short Answers: It’s about to be a new year but I don’t think I will ever get over the things that happened to me this year. Why do people keep telling me to move on? So Sad Dear SS: We don’t know what happened to you this year but we believe that for the […]

Answered Prayers

Dear Short Answers: I have joked many times with my friends that I would love to get a facelift or some other kind of cosmetic work (many of them have already done this). I guess they took me seriously because they all chipped in and bought be a $1,000 gift certificate at a medical spa […]

A Question of Judgment

Dear Short Answers: Do you honor every question you receive with a response? Or do you dismiss trash as such? Sincerely, Questions Galore Dear QG: We answer all questions that meet our admittedly idiosyncratic standards. Like Unlike

A Matter of Taste

Dear Short Answers: A good friend of mine recently became an “empty nester” when her youngest child went off to college. I encouraged her to develop some new interests and hobbies and she decided to try knitting (I have no idea why). All of her friends were supportive and thanked her profusely for the scarves […]

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