Pretty Poison

Dear Short Answers: I recently was having trouble in my lesbian relationship which ended in a nasty break-up. My girlfriend got a new group of friends then started smoking weed, drinking more frequently, hanging out all night and then lying about her whereabouts. Her best friend (who has hit on me in the past, by […]

Flashing Red!

Dear Short Answers: He’s 49, I’m 27. We are both married. The whole deal is hotter and more unlikely than you can possibly imagine. But I would never leave my husband — not for him; not for anyone. I think he still loves his wife and certainly his children.  What should I do? Overcome Dear […]

Keep It Simple

Dear Short Answers: There is a new woman who joined our office who is absolutely delightful. She is smart, well-dressed, and probably in her 50s. The problem is that she seems to have no social life AT ALL. I would love to set her up on a date with one of my friends but I […]

Judgment Call

Dear Short Answers: What is the right age to allow teenagers to date? Mom Dear Mom: It depends on the teenager and it depends on the date. However, we do believe that there is safety in numbers, and the parent’s right to say “no.” Like Unlike

Are You Kidding?

Dear Short Answers: My wife constantly asks me if she looks fat.  She is a little fat. What should I say? Hubby Dear Hubby: Just say “no.”  This is not a request for constructive commentary. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Storm Damage

Dear Short Answers: If you know someone whose home was destroyed in a natural disaster like Sandy, what is the right thing to buy them for Christmas? Cash or a gift card seems too impersonal because these are close friends. And they are staying with relatives so housewares like a blender or coffee maker seems […]

When a Date Is Not a Date

Dear Short Answers: My boss asked me to have a drink with him next week to celebrate the holidays. I said “yes” because I thought it was a group affair. I just found out that it is just me and that he probably thinks it’s more like a date. I am totally not interested in […]

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