Since You Asked

Dear Short Answers: What was healthcare like for African Americans during the Great Migration? Inquiring Mind Dear Inquiring: This is out of our area of “expertise” but we know a book called “The Warmth of Other Suns” — a non-fiction book about the Great Migration.  It is by historian Isabel Wilkerson and she suggests that [...]

Covert Ops

Dear Short Answers: Is it acceptable to watch pornography on an airplane? Warming Up Dear WU: Sure, if you have a privacy screen or are in Business Class. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Take Down that Tree, Ms. Mark, Take Down that Tree!

Dear Short Answers: When should I take down my Christmas tree? Polly Mark Dear PM: NOW! Like Unlike

Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: My husband will be having minor surgery next week, although it does require total anesthesia. I was planning a short holiday with friends. Should I cancel? He says no, that he can get a neighbor to get him home. Looking Forward to Florida Dear LF: Are you kidding? If you go, you’ve [...]

The Stuff of Movies

Dear Short Answers: I recently moved to a new town and am having a terrible time meeting new people. It seems almost everybody in town is a couple. That’s okay with me since I am not looking for romance. But it’s hard to break into a world of married couples. I feel like the odd [...]

Once More, for Good Measure

Dear Short Answers: I’ve had many bouts with skin cancer over the years and fortunately I’ve caught everything in time. Last week, I noticed that a co-worker has developed a nasty mole on the side of his neck that looks very much like cancer to me. I mentioned it to him and he waved it [...]

We’re with Your Wife on this One

Dear Short Answers: I used to ski a lot until my knees gave out and then I had to stop. A friend recently suggested that I try snowboarding instead. My wife can’t stop laughing. She says that I will look ridiculous on the slopes with all the “boarder” kids (I am well past 50). At [...]

Fraud, Plain and Simple

Dear Short Answers: For Christmas, I gave my niece a new computer because she is going off to college next year and her mother told me that she desperately needed one. I just found out that she returned the computer for cash and bought clothes instead. I never would have spent that much money on [...]

Wine Whine

Dear Short Answers: I had a party at my house last Saturday and a friend brought over non-alcoholic wine so that he could drink it at the party. I completely forgot about this and served him real wine by mistake. Of course, he got roaring drunk, embarrassed himself and is furious at me. He was [...]

Make it Stop!

Dear Short Answers: How can I nicely get someone to stop giving me a “collectible item” every year without fail. I had one of these items and my husband told her, a business acquaintance of his, that I collected them and she has sent them for years after. I am embarrassed and want my closet [...]

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