Creative Resume Building

Dear Short Answers: I recently started a new job. And I am embarrassed to admit that I lied about some of my experience. Now I am petrified that someone will find out. Do I confess? Or wait to get caught in a lie? Everybody seems to know everybody in this industry and I know that […]

Modern Love Rituals

Dear Short Answers: Do I have to buy a present and go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day? I hate having the calendar tell me when I’m supposed express affection.  I feel like a lemming – with roses in my teeth. Reluctant Sweetheart Dear RS: We hear you.  And the same goes for Mother’s Day […]

Not Seasonal

Dear Short Answers: My dog is getting fat. Maybe it’s winter weight? Ron Dear Ron: The answer is less food, more exercise.  Just like for the rest of us. Like Unlike

The Courage of One

Dear Short Answers: My friend is very charming and very beautiful but she is a bully. She bullies her friends and her family and her boyfriend and her employer. Everyone puts up with it because no one incident is THAT bad and she can be very volatile. What should we do? Speaking for Friends and […]

Rx for Indecision

Dear Short Answers: I think my girlfriend expects us to get engaged. I’m still not sure and the idea of a wedding makes my head hurt. I can stall a bit longer but it is getting uncomfortable. The Guyfriend Dear Guyfriend: If you have issues with the relationship, then you need to discuss them with […]

Strange New World

Dear Short Answers: I don’t use Facebook and I don’t want to start. But it seems that lately, people are making their big life announcements on Facebook instead of telling you in person or sending personal notes. I was the last person to find out that a good friend had a grandchild because she announced […]

Closed This Season

Dear Short Answers: Since I have a home in Florida, this is the time of year when everyone wants to come visit. I try to keep guests to a minimum (and only the ones my husband and I like) so I have started to lie to people and make up excuses. I tell them that […]

Make It Stop!

Dear Short Answers: Since airlines have stopped serving meals more people seem to be boarding with steaming, smelly cartons of airport junk food. I actually saw a woman spill hot coffee on a seated passenger as she struggled with her carry on and what appeared to be a 5-course meal. HELP Weary Road Warrior Dear […]

A Lot of Nothing

Dear Short Answers: I have a terrible crush on someone in my building. He is way too young for me and he’s gay and I’m married.  What should I do? Sue Dear Sue: Just because this is going nowhere, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fantasy. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Love It or Leave It

Dear  Short Answers: What do you do if you absolutely can’t stand the person you work with? I don’t have a choice because we are in the same department. He is mean, condescending, lazy and a liar. Hate Him Dear HH: Feelings such as those you listed don’t work in an office environment. Rethink, revise […]

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