A Package Deal

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if you absolutely can’t stand to be around your husband-to-be’s family? I mean, I get physically sick just thinking about having to go to the in-laws for dinner or spend time with his brothers and sisters. There is no rational reason for this. They seem to be perfectly […]

To Beef or Not to Beef

Dear Short Answers: I’m trying to figure out whether I should become a vegetarian. I am appalled by the treatment of most farm animals so I will stop eating meat for a couple of weeks. Then somebody convinces me that man is supposed to eat meat and I fall off the wagon and have a […]

The Lady or the Tiger or a Nap?

Dear Short Answers: After 20 years of marriage, how do I tell my spouse that I’d like to have sex with other women? It has nothing to do with her but as I get older, I feel like I haven’t explored enough sexually and time is running out. Should I  do this secretly or do […]

Checks and Balances

Dear Short Answers: I had a relationship with a very abusive, lying cheating man that ended about 3 years ago when I simply refused to see him anymore. He completely disappeared form my life until I got an email from him last week. He says that he is sober and has a job and wants […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend who, on “moral” grounds, refuses to get on Facebook. He thinks that it is a horrible invasion of privacy. I guess I understand. But to me, that’s a little like refusing to get a telephone. The problem is that he is constantly asking me for updates on […]

New Rules

Dear Short Answers: I very foolishly started to have an affair with a person at work. He is a lot more senior than me but he is not my boss. I now realize this was really stupid (he’s married with kids) but I don’t know how to break it off. I love my job and […]

Older and Wiser

Dear Short Answers: A good friend, who is not a professional singer but has a very nice voice, agreed to sing at my birthday party last week. I told her how happy I was and that she should consider this a sufficient birthday present and I asked her not to get me anything else. Well, […]

Multiple Choice

Dear Short Answers: Appropriate response or action is needed to handle a 50-year old brother-in-law who deliberately and graphically burps and passes gas in front of others while at family dinners. He’s the only one finding this amusing and nobody wants to eat around him, including children. I’m sure this jerk can’t be reasoned with, […]

Truth Will Out

Dear Short Answers: There is an employee at work who has been taking many, many “sick” days recently. I just found out that she hasn’t really been sick. Friends have actually seen her out and having a good time when she claims to have been sick in bed. Normally, I would say this is none […]


Dear Short Answers: Unfortunately, my dog Ricky recently died. Of course, I am terribly upset but I know that time will pass and I will feel better — and maybe even get a new puppy. My problem is that I try to put Ricky out of my mind but he is constantly there because “Ricky” […]

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