Nightmare in the Sky

Dear Short Answers: How do you handle a screaming baby who is sitting two rows away from you on a cross country airplane flight?  And the mother refuses to even acknowledge that there is a problem?  I called the flight attendant who basically told me to mind my own business.  I thought I was going […]

Barkers and Biters

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend whose heart is in the right place but only I seem to know it.  He comes across as angry and argumentative with everyone — from waitresses to close friends.  Should I tell him to knock it off? Sick of It Dear Sick: We know folks like that.  It […]

Reading the Tea Leaves

Dear Short Answers: How do you get over having a crush on someone at work?  Especially when the other person is clearly not interested in you.  But I have to see him everyday and that is just driving me crazy.  I don’t want to make a fool of myself.  But I also don’t want to […]

Declaration of Independence

Dear Short Answers: I am 22 years old and just graduated from college. I want to do something exciting before I settle down to a job and family. My parents gave me $10,000 as a graduation present to do anything I wanted with. I am planning to use the money to travel to Africa and […]

A House Divided

Dear Short Answers: Do you think two people should get married if they have wildly different political, religious and social views? Still Standing Dear SS: Well, it depends on who’s winning. 😉   But truly, it depends on if you like fighting all the time.  Politics and Religion and Social Issues are kinda the meat of […]

Game Changers

Dear Short Answers: My niece just had a baby.  No one called me — I found out on Facebook.  I am sick of being an internet gift service. Do I have to send yet another unappreciated offering? Distant Auntie Dear Auntie: No. It is better to risk their anger than assure yours. Like Unlike

Watchful Waiting

Dear Short Answers: My baby sister is very upset about a lot of things. And she seems to want to alienate me as well. It seems like with things falling apart around her we should be closer but she seems intent on driving me away. What do you make of this? Ruth Dear Ruth: This […]

Get Ready!

Dear Short Answers: Where is spring? So Cold Dear Cold: We have heard that it is going to come on like gangbusters! Like Unlike

Timing Is Everything

Dear Short Answers: A woman who works for me recently resigned in order to take a better paying job at another company. My staff is organizing a going away party for her and they expect me to pay for it (or, at least, pay for most of it). Obviously, I wish her well, but I […]

This Is Called Enabling

Dear Short Answers: I have a child who is a college senior and can’t get his financial act together. He works part time and spends every cent. Up until a couple years ago, I took care of transferring his money into savings and that worked until I told him he needed to take care of […]

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