Identity Issues

Dear Short Answers: Everybody at work seems to think I’m gay even though I am not. The women ask me advice on clothes and hair and the men roll their eyes and change the subject when I try to talk about sports. It’s just not funny anymore and it makes me uncomfortable. How do I […]

Gone to the Dogs

Dear Short Answers: I have two dogs that I love very much.  Now that summer is coming, I am getting invitations to visit people at their summer homes. I always ask if I can bring the dogs and if they say “no,” I decline and don’t go. It’s not a big deal to me But […]

Let’s Make A Deal

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s acceptable for married couples to take separate vacations?  My husband is completely against this.  He says that vacations are the only times we get to be really “together” without the distractions of work and chores (our children are grown).  I think that vacations are a great time to […]

Be a Sport

Dear Short Answers: I was recently invited to a wedding and the guests were asked to dress in “Edwardian theme.” I am perplexed as to why the bride would want the guests to be dressed in fancy clothes. But I’m also annoyed that I have to buy a new outfit for one wedding that I […]

It’s No Party

Dear Short Answers: For the past 10 years, I have had a big 4th of July barbecue at my house and invited just about everyone I know. This year, I’ve decided to take a year off from all the work. Unfortunately, I’ve heard a couple of people tell me how much they are looking forward […]

As Old as You Feel

Dear Short Answers: A good friend of mine divorced her husband a couple of years ago and has just starting dating again. I am happy that she is enjoying herself but she is acting like a teenager in heat — even though she is well into her 60s!!!! She makes out in public. She has […]

A Classic Dilema

Dear Short Answers: My parents won’t support me to major in music. They don’t think I could get a well-paid job in it. They prefer that I major in economics instead and I’m not interested in that. What do you think? Upset Dear Upset: You are going to have to work this out with your […]

No Do-Overs

Dear Short Answers: I recently had to fire someone and now I’m having nightmares about it. I feel terrible. Maybe this is a sign that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Do you think I should reach out and hire the person back? Sleepless Dear Sleepless: Being an adult means accepting the consequences of […]

An Understanding

Dear Short Answers: What is friendship? Joey Dear Joey: We love all our friends and each relationship is different, but in each case, there is a mutuality of respect, trust and expectations. Like Unlike

Custom Fit

Dear Short Answers: What is love? How do I know it when I feel it? Jen Dear Jen: Love means the point on your head fits the hole in his. You know it because it feels right. Like Unlike

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