You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: I am very happy with the job I currently have but I often get calls from recruiters. Is it wrong to go on job interviews if I’m really not interested? GAP Dear GAP: It doesn’t hurt to talk and you may stumble on something interesting or meet someone who could be useful […]

The Biggest Amateur Game in Town

Dear Short Answers: I am expecting a baby in September and have become very concerned about my husband’s ability to take care of a newborn.  He’s clumsy and absent-minded and he couldn’t even take care of our dog.  He would forget to walk her and forget to feed her and was constantly stepping on her.  […]

Private Event

Dear Short Answers: My best friend is expecting a baby in the fall and she seems like the least excited expectant mother I have ever met.  She hardly ever talks about it – even though I always ask.  She talks about her job, her search for a new house and her vacation – but says […]

Still Answering

Dear Short Answers: What is Love? Still asking Dear Still Asking: A good friend says “sunshine” — good enough for us. Like Unlike

Careful What You Wish For

Dear Short Answers: After many years of thinking about it, I finally decided to have some face work done.  I’m very proud of myself and think it looks great.  But nobody has said ONE COMPLIMENTARY THING!!  Should I tell people?  Maybe they’ve noticed were embarrassed to comment. Pouty Dear Pouty: In our opinion, the best […]

Have Good Luck — Learn Chinese!

Dear Short Answers: I  think that people at work are laughing at me behind my back but I can’t figure out why. How do I find out what’s going on? Butt of Joke Dear BOJ: Either a) You are paranoid and they ARE NOT laughing at you or b) They ARE laughing at you but […]

Old game/New Rules

Dear Short Answers: I have a very young friend at work who has started to get very affection toward me — like putting his hand on my leg during a meeting or giving me a hug when we say hello or goodbye.  I am 52 and he is probably in his late 20s.  I can’t […]

Things Your Mama Taught You

Dear Short Answers: Someone at work who I know well but I absolutely despise has become ill. I will NOT rush to his side but feel I should acknowledge his misfortune. What should I do? Not A Hypocrite! Dear Not: The line between hypocritical  and insensitive is challenging but not untraveled.  It may be that […]

It Will Only Get Worse

Dear Short Answers: My daughter graduates from kindergarten next week.  I am happy to celebrate the moment but the school she attends is having a full-blown “graduation” with cap & gown, diplomas, speeches — it’s crazy.  And they are selling tickets to the event for $100 EACH!!!!!  I don’t want to scar my daughter for […]

Spare Yourself

Dear Short Answers: When people say “stop me if you’ve heard this before,” is it really okay to stop them? Its’ a 3peat Dear 3peat: Yes its okay.  Just smile when you say “rerun.” Like Unlike

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