First, Make Sure It’s Not You

Dear Short Answers: Is there any polite way to let someone know they have BO? Nose Dear N: Been puzzling over that one ourselves. Like Unlike

BYOB… Not!

Dear Short Answers: I was invited to a dinner party last week at the home of someone who does not drink. They never mentioned this to me, I just heard it from other people. I like to have wine with dinner so I brought a couple of bottles with me just in case they didn’t […]

Wedding Presence

Dear Short Answers: With the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, I am expecting a flood of invitations to gay weddings this summer. I can’t possibly afford to buy everyone a gift — and I am not going to take out a loan to buy wedding presents. When couples are 40, or 50 or 60 […]

Their Money or Your Life

Dear Short Answers: I live with my parents who want to decide my future career. I tried reasoning with them, but they were just like, “My money, so I decide.” This doesn’t seem fair! John Doe Dear Mr. Doe: If your parents are still supporting you they certainly have the right to a view about […]

Watchful Waiting

Dear Short Answers: Our daughter graduated from college and scored a job right near school, which is 4 hours from us. She’s in an apartment, has a boy friend, and is generally busy embarking on her new life. However, we hardly hear from her except when she is upset about something that didn’t go right, […]

Groovin’ on a Summer Afternoon

Dear Short Answers: My partner just caught me masturbating in the middle of the afternoon.  (The mood came upon me!) I’m sure it hurt his feelings and now I feel really guilty. Any advice? Ironically, the word I need to type to submit this question is “shame.” Help Dear Help: We say “no shame, these […]

Signals LOUD and CLEAR

Dear Short Answers: My family has been planning a reunion for almost a year. All of us from out of town have purchased plane tickets and made hotel reservations. When finalizing the plans, I found out that my sister and her husband decided to take a vacation during that time and will only attend our […]

Or, Send Him to His Room

Dear Short Answers: My partner has never learned that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Consequently, he yells at waiters, argues with front desk clerks, and complains (loudly) to the vet that she is charging too much. A) It’s embarrassing and B) I think it hurts us both in the end. Most […]

Habits of a Lifetime

Dear Short Answers: My husband has gotten up at the same time (6AM) every day for the last 40 years no matter what time we go to bed. Now that we are retired, I would like to sleep late now & then. I believe that 8 hours of sleep is a wonderful thing. He believes […]

The Answer Is “No”

Dear Short Answer: Is it possible to drink a lot and still lose weight? Hoping Dear Hoping: Look at it another way — you will certainly lose more weight if you drink “a lot less” (all other things remaining equal). Like Unlike

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