Wedding Worries

Dear Short Answers: If you are holding your wedding in a resort town (where no one from the families live), what is the bride and groom’s obligation for providing housing and meals? Do they pay for hotel expenses for ALL the guests? Just the wedding party? And is it important to make this clear on […]

Don’t Assume

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has started to dress really, really gay (I don’t know any other way to say it). He spends more money on clothes than I do. He has his eyebrows plucked and his toenails done. He shaves his chest and wears skin tight clothes. It’s okay with me if he’s gay […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Dear Short Answers: A prominent local politician in my town is getting divorced from his wife. I only know this because he told me (confidentially) that he is putting his house on the market (I am a real estate agent). Elections are coming up soon and I feel that I have an obligation to tell […]

No Worries, Man

Dear Short Answers: I am friends with the staff at a restaurant where I eat probably once a month. I don’t see any of them socially outside of the restaurant unless I happen to run into them. Last weekend, my husband and I were at the restaurant after they closed, and everyone was drinking. One […]


Dear Short Answers: My best friend lent me his camera so that I could use it on vacation and when I downloaded the photos I had taken, I found some nude shots that he had taken of himself in all sorts of different poses. When I download my vacation photos and delete them on the […]

Not Your Sister’s Keeper

Dear Short Answers: A woman where I work is expecting a baby in a couple of months and is planning to take the maximum amount of paid maternity leave – which I think is 12 weeks. Because of the way the system works, she has to agree to return to work in order to get […]

You Had Me at “Hello”

Dear Short Answers: If you’re at a party and you see a girl you want to ask out on a date, what’s the best way to start a conversation? Shy Dear Shy: Tell her she ” is looking lovely tonight.”  Always a good beginning. Like Unlike

Family Affair

Dear Short Answers: My new sister-in-law is extremely attractive and isn’t afraid to show it off (show them BOTH off, if you know what I mean). The other day, I made a funny remark about the size of her breasts (I knew she could hear me) and she became incensed and stormed out of the […]

This Is Binary

Dear Short Answers: How do you politely turn down a request for a charitable donation from a very good friend? I’d like to help but I’ve never even met the the person they are raising money for. Asking me for a donation seems a bit presumptuous. Help Me Out Dear H: Just ignore it. If […]

Getting Even

Dear Short Answers: I am a new widow and my married friends insist on paying for me when we go out to dinner. I am uncomfortable with this and have said so — to no avail. What do you suggest? Want to be Fair Dear Fair: There are many ways to compensate your friends.  If […]

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