Teach Your Children Well

Dear Short Answers: How do you get your children to eat properly when you’re not around to monitor their behavior? Mom Dear Mom: Teach them to make good choices and expect that it probably isn’t going to happen whenever they can get away with it. Sorry. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I was recently invited to a wedding that is taking place in Hawaii. At first, I was going to decline because I don’t really know the couple very well but then I noticed a note on the bottom of the invitation that said “travel expenses would be paid for by the families […]

Daddy Daycare at the Beach

Dear Short Answers: My wife is planning a beach vacation with 3 of her best friends from college. Everybody is married and everybody has young kids. The girls have rented a big house where we are all going to stay. It may sound fun to her but I am having second thoughts. From her conversations […]

Down Boy

Dear Short Answers: There is a person at work who has a very morbid sense of humor that I find really creepy. One thing he does is keep a big list on his wall of famous people who have committed suicide along with a picture of them and the way they did it – a […]


Dear Short Answers: I recently found out that my mother had a miscarriage long before I was born – and long before she was married. As her child, I feel that I have a right to know about my almost-sibling. Especially who the father was. She refuses to say a word and tells me that […]

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell someone that they are dating the wrong person? A Friend Dear Friend: Very, Very cautiously. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Are Pregnant Woman A Public Issue?

Dear Short Answers: There is a woman at work who is pregnant but still drinks at company parties (and probably a lot of other places where I don’t see her). How do I get her to stop? And doesn’t the company have a responsibility here? Isn’t serving alcohol to a pregnant woman like serving alcohol […]

Less Is More

Dear Short Answers: Do you think tank tops on men and tube tops on women should be banned in public restaurants? I lose my appetite when I look at male armpit hair and women’s stomachs hanging out. Offended Dear O: Ditto female armpit hair and men’s stomach’s but we are opposed to laws that regulate […]

Remember, This Has to Be a Dialogue

Dear Short Answers: When I got married 10 years ago, my husband and both did not want to have children. But now, I have changed my mind and really would like to have a child. How can I get my husband to change his mind? Time is running out!! Wanabe Mom Dear Mom: You are […]

Reality Bites

Dear Short Answers: After much discussion with my husband, I quit working about 3 years ago to raise kids. It was great for 3 years but have decided to go back to work and got a great job at a company that lets me work from home 2 days a week. My husband feels that […]

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