A Guy Who Can’t Hear “No”

Dear Short Answers: There is a guy at work who has asked me out about a hundred times even though I keep saying “no.” He just won’t give up and I don’t know what to do. He makes sure that we work on projects together every chance he gets and walks by my desk every […]

Kid Stuff

Dear Short Answers: Two good friends of mine recently broke up after a 2-year relationship. Both of them seem angry at each other and are trying to get their friends to take sides. Each has basically said that if I see the other person, they won’t talk to me anymore. I like them both and […]

Ask Her

Dear Short Answers: How do you deal with people who are crabby all the time (specifically my wife). She is never happy about anything and nothing is ever good enough for her. Do I ignore her and pretend she’s not talking? Or is there a secret way to make her (finally) happy? Unhappy, Too Dear […]

Speak for Yourself, John

Dear Short Answers: My best friend, Matt, is madly in love with another man who just happens to still be married to a woman. Matt tells everyone how much they are in love with each other and how this was a “match made in heaven,” etc. etc. etc. The new boyfriend has asked me (confidentially) […]

The Drink of Water Theory

Dear Short Answers: Why are women so insistent their husbands and boyfriends ONLY have sex with them. It’s not like sex is a big deal to most men. Wouldn’t most marriages be a lot happier if men could fool around on the side???? Looking for More Dear Looking: When we were young, and students of […]

One Small Step

Dear Short Answers: I am shy and quiet and therefore people walk all over me like I am invisible and don’t matter. This is a particular problem at college as I don’t get the attention I need from my lecturers.  They forget me a lot and are often too busy with other people. How can […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

Dear Short Answers: Is there a rule of thumb about how much fragrance is too much? Most of my friends, both male and female, asphyxiate me with their eau of whatever! They smell like they have soaked in it. HELP Dear Help: We agree. A little goes a long way. We recommend a tab behind […]

Signs and Wonders

Dear Short Answers: I have been having an affair with a woman at work for the past 3 years (we are both married). I knew it was wrong, but we couldn’t stop ourselves. Now she is pregnant and won’t even speak to me. How can I find out if this is my baby or not? […]

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: There is a noise that sounds like a baseball hitting the roof every time I stop my car… is this bad? Living dangerously? Dear Living: We think you meant to contact Click and Clack @ cartalk.com  —  but are you sure it isn’t a baseball? Like Unlike

Sartorially Splendid (Not)

Dear Short Answers: Can you settle an argument that I am having with my wife? I like to wear old clothes around the house and I admit that some of them are a bit ratty. They’re clean but a stain here or there. My wife thinks I should try to look nice all the time […]

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