Without Further Information

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I were invited to a cocktail and dessert party last week that began at 9 PM. It seemed rather late to us but we decided to go anyway. When we arrived at 9:01, we were greeted by 12 people sitting around a dinner table finishing their meal. Apparently, the […]

Time Will Tell

Dear Short Answers: How do you truly, deeply, honestly, absolutely know if you are marrying the right person? Longing for Certainty Dear Longing: Today, hard to say. In 20 years, you will know for sure. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Teachable Moments

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend whose kid is acting out in very aggressive ways toward her. The baby is hitting her and throwing food — is this normal? Concerned Dear Concerned: It is very normal, but in our view, should not be tolerated.  When a baby hits a parent, put the baby […]

Definitely Worth a Try

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have had a miserable marriage since the beginning. In all honesty, the only reason we’ve stayed together at all is because of the sex (which is great). We were seriously talking about divorce but then she just found out that she was pregnant. Would it be wrong to […]

The Enabler

Dear Short Answers: For the past 20 years, my best friend has been late for everything. If I make a date for lunch, I’ll bring a book with me because I can guarantee that my friend will be 30 to 45 minutes late. If we go to a movie, I’ll save her a seat on […]

Age of Enlightenment

Dear Short Answers: Will I ever get to the age when I don’t truly care what my parents think about me? Sonny Dear Sonny: This is not a function of age, it is becoming your own true self. You will always care, but maybe not so much. Good luck. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Don’t Get Us Started

Dear Short Answers: I kept putting off buying Christmas presents until finally it was too late and I didn’t actually buy any gifts for anyone this year. Now I’m feeling guilty. Should I buy presents when everything goes on sale and tell people that is why I procrastinated? Or do I just ignore the whole […]

This Is What Ebay Is For

Dear Short Answers: When my husband found out that regular light bulbs are no longer going to be sold in stores, he bought hundreds of them (and I literally mean HUNDREDS) and is planning to sell them to friends in order to make a huge profit. He hasn’t started to do this yet but I […]

No Connection

Dear Short Answers: I recently signed up for an online dating service and haven’t gotten one single request for a date. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Dateless in Cyberspace Dear Dateless: Above our pay grade. We suggest you direct this query to the service with which you are registered.  Good Luck. It’s a whole […]

The Difference between Fantasy and Everything Else

Dear Short Answers: Are New Year’s resolutions really worth making ????? Dear ????: Resolutions are bound to be depressingly disappointing unless they are accompanied by a daily plan. What are you prepared to do every day to help you reach your goal? If you can’t commit to a very specific, measurable daily plan, then resolutions […]

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