Different Strokes

Dear Short Answers: By the time you answer this question, it will be too late to do anything about my situation.  But it may come up again so I thought I would ask.  An old friend passed away after a long illness.  I knew him well and know for a fact that he was not [...]

Finding Passion

Dear Short Answers How do you figure out what you’re really passionate about in life? Nothing I do seems to really get me excited. Bored Dear Bored: Maybe you’re depressed, or maybe you need to try more things, or maybe you need to commit more to what you are already doing and perhaps the passion [...]

It’s about POWER

Dear Short Answers: I am engaged to be married to a man I dearly love. Every thing is perfect except for a few little things. He has a few bad habits that I am trying very hard to break him of. He has promised to quit doing them (like smoking) once we get married and [...]

Lesson Learned?

Dear Short Answers: I know that I shouldn’t have done it, but I sent some nude photos of myself to my boyfriend who posted them on Tumblr and almost everybody I know has seen them. Should I just ignore this humiliating experience and hope that it blows over. Or should I post an explanation on [...]

The Timeline of Love Has Roundabouts

Dear Shortie: I just got a call today from a woman I don’t know very well to tell me that she and my ex of 6 years were getting intimate — and was it all right with me? I was impressed with her candor and heard her concern — she clearly wanted confirmation firsthand that [...]

One Day at a Time

Dear Short Answers: My brother recently confided in me that he has a very serious and potentially fatal illness. Of course, I am devastated and I want to do whatever I can to help. He also doesn’t want anyone else in our family to know, especially our parents. They are both in their late 80s [...]

A Public Service Announcement

Dear Short Answers: Now that flu season has started, I see people everywhere who are coughing and hacking and blowing their noses. Is it wrong to tell people straight up (even strangers) that they should STAY AT HOME when they are sick with a contagious illness? Not Phobic, Just Sensible Dear Not: Difficult  for you [...]

Life Is Worthwhile if You Give It a Go

Dear Short Answers: I am going on my first date tomorrow since I split with an ex of many years.  I am filled with hope — and  tidings of comfort and joy. Am I crazy? A Believer Dear believer: Yep. You are crazy and wonderful, and you are, in our opinion, likely to be very [...]

Very Doubtful, Chance of Spitballs

Dear Short Answers: My ex has a new girl friend and I have some promising possibilities. Do you think we can now be friends? Would Like It to Be So Dear Would Like: Wishing won’t make it so. We have seen very few situations in which lovers can truly part as friends. It makes head-sense [...]

The Gift of Independence

Dear Short Answers: My son was just laid off at his job after only 6 months and he has hinted strongly that he would like to come back to live at home. But I don’t know if this is a good idea. There are few good jobs in the small town where we live and [...]

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