All Romance Is Complicated

Dear Short Answers: My mother claims to have fallen in love with an elderly gentleman (they are both in the 70s) who she met socially at a party. Both of them lost their spouses within the last year and both seem genuinely happy to be together. Even though they’ve only known each other for about […]

Not a Party Girl

Dear Short Answers: I absolutely hate going to parties and had the bad luck to fall in love with a guy who LOVES parties. I prefer a quiet dinner with a couple of friends and maybe a movie or TV. Todd prefers a noisy crowd with lots to drink. I’ve tried but I can’t bear […]

Great Expectations

Dear Short Answers: Do you believe in love at first sight? RHL Dear RHL: Absolutely! Like Unlike

Snow Birds

Dear Short Answers: How do birds know when to migrate? Brrrr Dear Brrr: Same as us — when they get cold. Like Unlike

The Power of Silence

Dear Short Answers: I share an office with a girl at work who used to be a fairly good friend but now I absolutely can’t stand to be around her. She talks to me all day long, bothers me when I’m trying to concentrate and is a general pain in the butt. I’ve talked to […]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Intention

Dear Short Answers: How do I get my children (6 and 4 year old girls) to listen to me? Mama Dear Mama: Be firm, keep smiling, say what you mean and mean what you say. Like Unlike

Buying Time

Dear Short Answers: I am dating 2 guys at the same time.  At first, it was just for fun; nothing serious. But, lately they’ve both been hinting towards wanting something more. And I have been feeling the same way…about both of them. They’re both equally sweet, charming, and handsome. But they both appeal to different […]

Stay Away From Drunks

Dear Short Answers: A couple years ago, I had a stalker. I took him to court. I didn’t win the court case so I don’t have a restraining order but he still left me alone after that. He never would do anything to physically harm me, but he would mentally harass me. Fast forward to […]

Time will Tell

Dear Short Answers: How do I know when a relationship is really over?  I keep hoping that my boyfriend will realize what he lost and come back to me.  I’m just not sure how long I should keep the door open before I hook up with somebody else. Still Love Him Dear Still: Well, we […]

Department of “Huh?”

Dear Short Answers: I got married last year to a man in New York (I’m gay). Since that marriage is not recognized where I live now, is it legal for me to marry a woman in Florida? NY Johnny Dear Johnny: No, we are a one marriage-at-a-time legal system — but why would you want […]

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