It’s a Brave New World

Dear Short Answers: I’ve gotten several birth announcements of late from children of my friends who have had babies. I don’t know the parents — am I obliged to buy a baby gift? Everyone’s Nana Dear Nana: Gift who you love, when you wish to.  No obligation in this situation. Like Unlike

Leave the Gun, Keep the Cannoli

Dear Short Answers: I got a present from my ex on Valentine’s Day and my current BF went crazy.  He wants me to return the gift (nice earrings). I don’t want to and he won’t let it go. Penny Dear Penny: Assuming old BF’s gift was a lovely gesture to a PAST romance, reassure current […]


Dear Short Answers: I haven’t had sex with my husband in 10 years.  Is that wrong? I’m Okay, He’s Okay Dear Okay: If it’s working, you got no argument here. Like Unlike

Hard Wired

Dear Short Answers: Why do girls like flowers so much? A Guy Dear Guy: They just do. Which is why it is never a mistake to surprise your girlfriend, sister, mother, wife, daughter or auntie with an unexpected bouquet. Like Unlike

Equal Opportunity Loving

Dear Short Answers: My Grandparents are getting all hot about Valentine’s Day!  I think it’s gross!  Isn’t it? Disgusted Dear Disgusted: We are worried about you.  Just who DO you think gets to celebrate love?  Only young people?  Only beautiful people?  Only straight people?  Examine your attitudes darling, they are nasty. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I think Valentine’s Day is a dreary and manipulative part of our consumerist society and I don’t want to participate.  Will my girl friend expect me to buy her something even if I explain? Hate the Hype Dear HTH: Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love — courtly love in particular. It […]

Raw or Done?

Dear Short Answers: I want my ex back after a very ugly breakup but he’s been ignoring every attempt at contact for the past 4 days (since we broke up). Is the relationship really not salvageable or are his emotions still raw? Change of Heart Dear Change: The words “very ugly” and “4 days” have […]

“I Want to Be Alone”

Dear Short Answers: I have a neighbor who is too encroaching. Now he says he’d like to start going to the gym with me. I want to be on good terms, but I’m not interested in this. I’d also like more privacy whenever I’m outside just going to and from my car. This is a […]

It’s Called Domestic Violence

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend of only a few months seemed like a dream. He bought me a diamond ring and said he wanted to marry me, he adored my makeup-less face and even began to plan a family with me (I am currently pregnant with his child). He told me I was his dream […]

Not a Voting Issue

Dear Short Answers: How do I know if I am  poor mother?  Someone sarcastically told me I was running for “Mother of the Year.” Discouraged Dear Discouraged: Do the best you can, like all the rest of us.  Tell your sarcastic friend to stuff it. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

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