Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: I recently started dating a woman and we seem to really hit it off.  But I just found out that she is living with (and I really mean LIVING with) another woman.  She has invited me back to her house and hinted that we might get into a three-some with her “roommate.”  […]

Your Call

Dear Short Answers: If your boyfriend ignores Valentine’s Day, forgets your birthday and believes that anniversaries aren’t important — is it time to get a new boyfriend? No Presents Dear No: Well, if you are looking for trophies, then obviously you got the wrong guy.  We think things like kindness, humor and intelligence are more […]

Once Upon a Time

Dear Short Answers: I own a small business, and I’m head over heels in love with the man that I run it with. (It turns out that the feeling is mutual.) I know that I can’t have a personal relationship with him and risk messing up our professional relationship — I can’t run the business […]

Sometimes, Mama Knows Best

Dear Short Answers: My mother is determined to find a “suitable” wife for me.  She sets me up on dates with daughters of her friends, girls from church (which I don’t attend), and (I think) random people she meets on the street.  My mother has surprisingly good taste and must be pretty persuasive because same […]

Get a Grip, Girls

Dear Short Answers: There is a woman in town who is a stay-at-home mom with 3 children. Every year (actually, 3 times a year), she throws the most lavish birthday parties for her kids. It makes the rest of us moms look like slackers. Every year, our own kids ask why they can’t have a […]

We Could Write a Book on This One

Dear Short Answers: A woman at work just had a baby (her first) and decided that she wants to come back part-time. Actually, I think she’s getting paid full-time but she works part-time from home. I think this is massively unfair and if one person can work from home, we all should be able to […]


Dear Short Answers: There is a new woman at work who dresses in a very inappropriate way. The problem is that she dresses TOO WELL!! I work in a casual work environment and she dresses in fancy designer suits and expensive shoes. She’s making the rest of us girls look like slobs. How do I […]

Back in the Saddle

Dear Short Answers: What’s the right amount of time to start dating again after a very nasty break-up? My friends tell me to slow down — but I think I’m ready!! (It’s only been a couple of months). What do you think? Ready to Roll Dear Ready: The right time is whenever you think it’s […]

Thanks for Your Concern

Dear Short Answers: What do you think is going to happen to all those gay people who are getting married when they get older? If they don’t have kids and their families have disowned them, who’s going to take care of them when they can’t take care of themselves? Family Man Dear Man: We have […]

Study Chess, Ladies

Dear Short Answers: What are the origins of women’s oppression? Trying to Understand Dear  Trying: This is a subject of much speculation and scholarship. Our two cents: Very clever move by men in dominating most of the world’s religions. Goddess cultures (and goddesses) were eclipsed … and the rest is HIS-story. 1 person likes this […]

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