The Way of the World Circa 2014

Dear Short Answers: I spent most of my life in the pre-cell phone era when it was possible to be inaccessible.  This was an option I appreciated and often enjoyed.  Today, I have a cell phone, but I sometimes turn it off when I don’t want to be … disturbed.  Some of my family members […]

We Probably Are NUTS!

Dear Short Answers: Not a question but a comment to a response (to Wannabe Me) regarding should he or should he not get a tattoo because his wife hates them. Well, I HATE them and if my husband walked into the house and said “sorry but I got a tattoo anyhow” — that would be […]

The Way It Is

Dear Short Answers: What is to be done about ungrateful children? Disappointed Dear Dis: Give less. Like Unlike

The Joy of Giving

Dear Short Answers: It’s that time of year, any ideas for a high school graduation present? Auntie Dear Auntie: We pondered this all week. We dislike obligatory gifting because it is rarely appreciated — yet there are occasions that seem to require something. In principle, if you know someone well, you will know what they […]


Dear Short Answers: Has the world given up on reading? An Ancient Reader Dear Reader: It certainly appears so. And yet, we see a lot of adults buying books for kids. Unlikely that the kids will develop the appetite if mom and dad are in the glow of one screen or another. Like Unlike

Agnostic by a Hair

Dear Short Answers: What is the right thing to do if you find a hair in your food at a restaurant? Even if the food is cooked so probably not harmful? I say just ignore it but my girl friend freaks out and demands a refund. What do you think? SJW Dear SJW: We agree […]

What Grown Ups Do

Dear Short Answers: I am gay and have recently started dating a very nice man. I only found out through other people, not him, that he had been married to a woman. I’m not surprised, because he isn’t as interested (or as good at) sex as all my previous boyfriends.  I’m thinking that maybe he […]

Just Do It

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I are both in our 40s and have had a great marriage for the past 12 years. I recently decided that I wanted to get a tattoo. I can’t explain why, I just do. The problem is that my wife hates tattoos and refuses to allow me to get […]

Ambiguity Breeds Contempt

Dear Short Answers: I am working with a non-profit group in my town that is driving me batty. I believe in the work that the group does, but I can’t stand the politics, the meetings, the bickering and indecisiveness. Is this common in non-profit organizations or is this one especially dysfunctional? Getting Crazy Dear Crazy: […]

In a Word

Dear Short Answers: There is a guy in town that I would love to have sex with but he’s been married for over 20 years to a woman who happens to be a friend of mine — so I figured it was never going to happen. HOWEVER — I have recently found out that he’s […]

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