A Little Give and Take

Dear Short Answers: I don’t want to get too gross here, but my boyfriend only likes certain kinds of sex (the kinkier kinds) and refuses to indulge me when I ask about the more normal stuff — he says it’s boring and it doesn’t get him turned on.  I’m worried, first of all, that we […]

Who Said It Would Be Easy?

Dear Short Answers: I know that it’s tough for a kid, even a college graduate, to get a job these days.  But is it better to let your kid live at home after college so they can “find themselves” or should I kick the little birds out of the nest? Mama Bird Dear Mama: Yes, […]


Dear Short Answers: When I go out to dinner with friends and we are splitting the check,  I am very sensitive about the price of the wine that I select.  But sometimes, there just isn’t a wine for under $20 that I would drink. So I pick something in the $40-50 range.  Is it wrong […]

Use It or Lose It

Dear Short Answers: A very good friend of mine is in her fifties and has had a string of health problems — from diabetes to arthritis.  Years ago, she used to try to be active but little by little she has gotten lazier and lazier. Some days, the furthest she walks is from the bed […]

The Calculus of Marriage

Dear Short Answers: How do you stop your spouse from exhibiting truly disgusting personal habits.  My husband clips his toenails and lets the clippings fly all over the bathroom.  They end up in the sink or on the floor.  It’s disgusting.  Sometimes I step on them and it’s so gross.  He tells me to get […]

Final Payments

Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine has a 10-year old pet parrot that she is devoted to.  Since parrots can live to be 60 or even older, my friend asked me if I would take care of her bird if she died before the bird did.  I didn’t think much about it at the […]

A Sorry Situation

Dear Short Answers: I read an article the other day that said you can make your life happier if you avoid all the “negative people” in your life.  That made a lot of sense to me because negative people bring me down and depress me.  But what do you do if the “negative people” in […]


Dear Short Answers: When ending a phone call, many people say to me “Love you, goodbye.” I don’t feel comfortable saying “I love you, too” to many of these folks and think the phrase has lost its true meaning. What is a good reply when this occurs? V.L. Dear V.L.: How about “back-at-cha?” Like Unlike

Hey, that’s No Way to Say “Hello”

Dear Short Answers: I recently sent out invitations for a dinner party that I was planning and I just didn’t feel like getting into the hassle of everybody’s ridiculous dietary restrictions these days. So I included a note listing what I was planning to serve and at the bottom of the note I put, “If […]

Smoke Signals

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend seems to get upset whenever I’m scheduled to hang out with any personal friend of mine that isn’t her. The other day I called in an order for food and told my girlfriend I was waiting for someone to meet me at my home so they could take the ride […]

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