The Lady or the Tiger

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that Internet dating services are better than hanging out at bars? Working at It Dear Working: Depends on what you are looking for. Bars have the advantage of “what you see…. ” but dating services promise focus.  Our thought is that you might want to try both! Like Unlike

Another Parent Trap

Dear Short Answers: What’s the secret to NOT spoiling your children?  I can’t seem to stop buying them stuff and giving them everything they want.  Is that wrong? RS Dear RS: Well, the first thing is STOP — nobody, except maybe infants, should get “everything they want.”  We don’t know the secret, but we do […]

Oh My Dear

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s important for women to work?  My boyfriend makes enough money for both of us to live comfortably and he would prefer that I quit my job so that I can pay more attention to him.  Do you think that’s a good thing to do? Janet Dear Janet: Exactly […]

In a Word

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that having children is the answer to the meaning of life? ??? Dear ???: No. Like Unlike

In for a Dabble, In for a Dive

Dear Short Answers: How old was the youngest person you ever dated? Cradle Robber Dear Cradle: Surely you don’t mean us, personally? In general, we believe 10 years age difference is the legal limit for a long-term relationship, but we are presuming that both parties are at least over 21.  Smaller differences are more significant […]

Never Explain

Dear Short Answers: My wife left me a few years ago and it was pretty devastating at the time.  My best friend was a big source of support and since he was in the midst of breaking up with his boy friend, I suggested that he move in with me.  I know that we make […]

It’s Personal

Dear Short Answers: How many bras and underpants should one have at any one time? Joy Dear Joy: Well, there are many ways to think about this — but lets start with one for everyday of the week (labeled, or not, that’s a matter of taste) and work up or down from there. 1 person […]

The Answer Is Yes or No

Dear  Short Answers: Is it rude for people at work to collect money for their children’s charities?  Even if it’s a good cause, I feel like I am giving money “anonymously” because I have never even met the person who is collecting the funds. $?$? Dear $?$?: Understand. However we don’t think it’s rude.  If […]


Dear Short Answers: When a person sends a thank-you note, are you supposed to send a note back?  To me, that seems stupid but sometimes when I send a thank-you note, I get a note back that says, “thank you for your very kind note.”  That kind of nonsense could go back & forth forever!!! […]


Dear Short Answers: My partner and I are both over 60, gay and have no children.  When we were younger, all our friends were having kids so we didn’t see much of them and when we did, all they talked about was their children so that wasn’t very interesting.  When their kids grew up and […]

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