Perfect for whom?

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if your boyfriend is perfect in every way but he just doesn’t make you happy?  I can’t find anything wrong with Brandon and my friends all love him.  But I just don’t get excited to see him or really miss him when he’s not around.  Do you think […]

Extra Spicy All the Time?

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend likes to have sex anywhere except the bedroom.  He says it’s more exciting and it turns him on to have sex in the kitchen or the bathroom.  He thinks it’s even better if it’s kind of public like the laundry room in our apartment building.  I tried to get him […]

Banking Zzzzz’s

Dear Short Answers: What time do you go to bed? What’s normal? John Dear John: Most adults need 6-8 hours of sleep every night to function well.  It is also best to keep kind of regular hours — which doesn’t mean you can’t stay up til 2 am sometimes and hit the sack really early […]

Throwing a Blind Eye

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who, I think, has a serious drug problem.  I’ve never mentioned it to him because I believe that addicts can only cure themselves.  But now I’m starting to wonder if by ignoring it, I’m enabling him?  His other friends and I have talked about this and not sure […]

Cut to the Chase

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have constant disagreements over how to raise our children.  Everything from when is bedtime to how much candy they can eat at Halloween. Is there a book you can recommend that can settle these arguments once and for all? Wit’s End Dear Wit: Disagreements about kids is a […]

Oh No, This Again

Dear Short Answers: Every one around me is gearing up for the holidays and I am so not feeling it!  I love my family and do my very best to stay in touch and hear their concerns, but the thought of all of them banging up against one another (not to mention all that work) […]

Kids and Dogs

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that getting a dog is good training for young children and will help them learn responsibility? Mom Dear Mom: Only if they really want the dog and YOU provide thoughtful and firm guidance throughout the process.  Otherwise, you are looking at mom’s new best friend. 1 person likes this […]

Not All Truth Need Be Told

Dear Short Answers: My best friend is having a terrible time finding a boyfriend and probably hasn’t even had a date in years.  Personally, I think she needs to dress better, lose a few pounds, whiten her teeth and get a better hair style.  But I’m kind of afraid to hit her with all this […]

Women and Their Clothes

Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine gave me a dress approximately 6 years ago. We were trading clothes like a lot of females do. She gave me a dress that she no longer wanted. I later turned that dress in to a cute ” Tinkerbell” Halloween costume. Now, 2 years later, she asked me […]


Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend told me that he would quit smoking for my birthday (which was last July).  I think he might have stopped for a day or two but he is definitely smoking again because I can smell it on him.  I teased him about it and he just laughed and told me […]

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