My Own (Air) Space

Dear Short Answers: When you sit next to a complete stranger on an airplane (or anywhere for that matter) and they start telling you all their problems — some of which are pretty serious and sad — how to get them to stop without being rude? Jean Dear Jean: Feel free to to interrupt the […]

The Message, Not the Medium

Dear Short Answers: Because of some problems I have with arthritis, I have very poor handwriting.  As a result, I tend to type everything including thank-you notes and even sympathy cards.  I have a very easy program on my computer that prints my message right on the card and then I sign it by hand […]

Becoming “We”

Dear Short Answers: I have come to the conclusion that my boyfriend has no sense of style whatsoever.  I have even bought nice clothes for him but he still looks like a total slob.  Last week his shirt had so many food stains on it that I made him stop at The Gap to buy […]

Communication Malfunction

Dear Short Answers: Every year for many, many years, my wife and I have been invited to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving.  This year, we did not receive an invitation.  It seemed rude to bring this up to them so we simply made other plans.  The day before Thanksgiving, I ran into my friend who […]

Cloudy, Chance of Spitballs

Dear Short Answers: I have been dating a man for over a year and things are starting to get serious.  When we first met I knew that he had been married before and that didn’t bother me. But I recently found out that he has been married FOUR times before.  He swears that there were […]

Not About You … Entirely

Dear Short Answers: Don’t you think it’s important that older people learn how to use the Internet?  My parents refuse to text or email and they still have an old-fashioned answering machine which they often forget to check.  When I need to find them, I have to keep calling until they pick up the phone. […]

Luck of the Draw

Dear  Short Answers: Do you think that most of those photos people post on Facebook of their darling children and expensive vacations and fantastic meals are real? Having an Issue Dear Issue: YES, we think their lives are better than yours. Or their photographs are more professional and better edited. 1 person likes this post. […]

Every Town Is a Small Town

Dear Short Answers: We just purchased a house for $545,000. The listing agent was also the selling agent. It was a cash deal, so she made a good deal of money for very limited input. She gave us a very nice pewter tray, which I like, but upon opening the box, stuck in a corner […]

Warranty Expired?

Dear Short Answers: How old should my children be before I allow them to get a tattoo? Jilly Dear Jilly: Our general rule is that at 18, when kids can vote or go to war, they then assume responsibility for their own bodies. However, if you are tattooed — it might be another story. Like […]

Above Our Pay Grade

Dear Short Answers: I live in a small town close to a major city and was having a hard time finding a really good reliable cleaning woman.  So I advertised in the local newspaper.  In the ad, I specified that this person MUST speak English.  You wouldn’t believe the nasty comments I received.  Since I’m […]

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