Do the Best You Can

Dear Short Answers: What is the meaning of life? Want to know Dear Want To: Good question — but no short answer. Like Unlike

The Cutie and the Curmudgeon

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I are both in our late 60s and have completely different points of view about what it means to be getting older.  I believe that age gives you the right to be truly honest and tell people what you really think.  Why beat around the bush if someone is [...]

Moving on?

Dear Short Answers: How long should it take to get over a bad break-up?  I have a friend who has been devastated for almost 6 months — even though his relationship with his girlfriend lasted barely a year.  Isn’t it time to get over it and move on? I Mean, Really Dear I Mean: Easy [...]

A Friend with Opinions

Dear Short Answers: A wealthy, older man who is part of my social circle of friends, recently got married (for the THIRD time) to a woman who we all think is an escort or a prostitute or, at the very least, an opportunist who’s had a LOT of plastic surgery.  We can all ignore her [...]

Strategic Avoidance

Dear Short Answers: If a friend of yours has really bad table manners (I mean REALLY bad), is it better to point this out and risk losing a friend?  Or should I just avoid eating with this person if I can? Disgusted Dear Disgusted: Assuming this friend is old enough to vote, we suggest go [...]

Monkey in the Middle

Dear Short Answers: What is our responsibility to our parents as they get older and require more time, more energy and more money from their children? Exhausted and Broke Dear E&B: We hear you. This is very tough and the boundaries are different in every family. Remember that you are an adult (which is often [...]

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