We Smell Trouble

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have been planning a hiking vacation for over a year.  She isn’t a big fan of hiking but we made a compromise — we would first take a vacation that SHE chose (we went to Bermuda) and then it would be MY turn to select a vacation destination. […]

Pick Your Punishment

Dear Short Answers: If you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, do you have to eat everything on your plate before going back for seconds?  My wife and I completely disagree on this question. Still Hungry Dear Hungry: We presume that the joy of “all-you-can-eat” is that the CLEAN PLATE CLUB rules do not apply. However […]

It Could Happen

Dear Short Answers: My mother is moving into an assisted living facility and cannot take her two dogs with her.  She has asked me to take care of them but my husband refuses to let me do that. He’s not allergic to dogs or anything like that, he just doesn’t like pets.  I think that […]

Growing Up

Dear Short Answers: Since I am paying for my son’s college education, shouldn’t I get to select the college that is right for him?  When did children get to choose things like that? Old-Fashioned Parent Dear Old-Fashioned: We understand how you feel and have some sympathy for your view but it it is a dangerous […]

No Reward Forthcoming

Dear Short Answers: I was recently passed over for a promotion even though I am much better qualified than the man who was given the job.  I went to my boss to discuss this situation and he offered to give me a substantial bonus as long as I didn’t report the situation to HR.  I […]

Uncertainty & Principle

Dear Short Answers: I’m pretty sure that a person I know in school cheated on a test.  And my friends think they know a couple other people who did, too.  I don’t think that what they did is my business but I’m worried that if they got high scores because they cheated then I might […]

Higher Mathematics

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I both work and make just about the same amount of money.  We both like our jobs but aren’t in love with them and we’d both like to retire by the time we are 60.  Since I’ve been doing mine longer, I think I should get to retire first. […]

An Easy One

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s important to take a shower after going to the gym?  Even if you already took a shower that day? Bob Dear Bob: Yes. and Yes. Like Unlike

Our Reptilian Brain

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that open relationships can really work and that a couple can have sex with others but still be committed to each other? Ted & Alice Dear T&A: Logically perhaps it could, but we have never ever seen that scenario cause anything but pain. Like Unlike

It’s Not About the Money

Dear Short Answers: Is it wrong to take a job JUST for the money?  Even if you think you would hate what you’re doing? Dan Dear Dan: It’s not that it’s WRONG, we think money is a very nice thing.  However, if you really hate the work, it is unlikely you will be able to […]

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