The In’s and Out’s

Dear Short Answers: What is personal hygiene? Please define and explain its scope? Clean Gene and Smelly Nelly Dear Gene and Nelly: Personal hygiene is the is the daily care and maintenance of your entire body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet including every crack and crevice and parts […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Short Answers: My girl friend and I have been living together for about a year.  It used to be my apartment but we now share the rent.  My mom came to visit me for 5 days last month.  We do have a second bedroom so there was enough room even though it gets pretty […]

A Really Important Question

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I are in our early 70’s. We have had some health issues but by and large we are pretty fit.We live in a large old house with many stairs and a never ending series of repairs that need attention. We have enjoyed everything about it for 20 years or […]

Your Home Is Your Castle

Dear Short Answers: I recently quit drinking and prefer not to have alcohol in my house. Should I buy it just when I have folks over, or warn them ahead of time? Or what? Newly Sober Dear Newly: There is so much pressure to drink in our culture, and it is so available, we think […]

Better SAFE than Sorry

Dear Short Answers: My friend has a  boyfriend and I think they are having sex. She is only 15 and I don’t think she is using birth control. It’s none of my business but if she gets pregnant and has to drop out of school, I will feel so bad.  What should I do? Worried […]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Dear Short Answers: My friend is cheap. There is no other way to say it. Cheap. Last one to pull out his wallet, always short on cash, never buys a present, and if he brings wine to my house it is so cheap — it’s undrinkable. This is such a long-term habit it’s hard to […]

Warm and Cozy

Dear Short Answers: My son and his wife and his baby have been living with us for almost two years. To be honest, I haven’t really minded. Mostly.  Now they say they are expecting another baby. Does this mean they will never move out? Mom Dear Mom: Yes, they will never move out. Why should […]

War on Boring

Dear Short Answers: My friends adopted a baby years ago. They are doting parents and their son is a poster child for adoption — happy, well-adjusted, polite — all the good stuff. HOWEVER, it is all they can talk about.  At first I enjoyed the stories and enjoyed how much they were enjoying being parents. […]

Too Much Information

Dear Short Answers: The person at the assisted living facility where my dad is living who takes care of him regularly complains about him every time I see her. She says he is declining ( I know), that he sometimes doesn’t make it to the bathroom (I know), that he sometimes makes inappropriate comments (I […]

Grown-Up Decisions

Dear Short Answers: My nephew confided to me that his girl friend is pressuring him to get married but that he’s really not sure it’s the right thing to do.   His father is not around and he really wanted a male point of view.  From the way my nephew talked, marriage seems like a […]

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