Law of the Jungle

Dear Short Answers: I just started working for a new person and I already can’t stand her.  I try to pretend that I like her but I’m sure she has figured out that everything she does annoys me.  What is the secret for working for a person you hate? New Kid Dear Kid: Start loving […]

The “Are You Kidding?” Department

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend who is in the middle of a very nasty divorce and she has decided to share all the intimate details of her marriage with me and all her other friends.  Including photos of her husband’s private parts.  Although I sympathize with her emotional distress, I think she […]

Apples and Oranges

Dear Short Answers: What do you think of all this “identify confusion” that seems to be going around?  Bruce Jenner thinks he’s a girl and some white woman from Spokane thinks she’s Black.  Why can’t people just be happy with the way they were born? RWT Dear RWT: These two examples are not the same […]

Grow Up!

Dear Short Answers: I started working over a year ago at a PR firm.  It was truly an entry level position and my responsibilities are mostly answering the phone and making the senior executives travel arrangements.  There doesn’t seem to be any possibility of advancement here (I’ve already asked).  The problem is that I LOVE […]

Family Mini-Series

Dear Short Answers: I recently found out from my sister that my father was a closeted homosexual.  Even though he had four children!  My sister swore me to secrecy and claims that she is the only one in the family who knows.  I agreed that I wouldn’t say anything but now I am having second […]

Brave New Easy World

Dear Short Answers: When you ask a girl out on a date, should I expect to pay for everything?  Or do girls these days expect to pay their share? Cyrus Dear Cyrus: In general every one pays for themselves, unless, or until, another arrangement is agreed to. Like Unlike

It’s a Zillion Dollar Business

Dear Short Answers: I am getting married next summer and trying to figure out my budget for the wedding.  Is there a general rule of thumb about how much these things should cost?  This is especially important since I’ll probably have to pay for the whole thing myself. ZN Dear ZN: Our rule of thumb […]

Your Call

Dear Short Answers: I am 24 years old but very inexperienced sexually.  My boyfriend is trying to get me to try all sorts of different things but I don’t think I’m really ready.  He says that I won’t know what I really like until I try different things.  Am I being a prude?  Or do […]

Getting Real

Dear Short Answers: Last week, I had a dinner party at my home for 10 people.  So far, I have not received a single thank you note.  Not even an email.  Should I assume that my party was a disaster?  Or are my friends thankless ingrates? Still Waiting Dear Waiting: We are so with you […]

Alert the Media?

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend who finds it necessary to describe every nuance of her health to me — when she has a headache, when her arthritis is acting up, when she’s constipated — pretty much everything.  Obviously, there is nothing I can do about her aches and pains so I just […]

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