Try Politics

Dear Short Answers: Is there any way to get old people to stop talking about themselves so much?  I’m sick and tired of hearing what my 70-year old neighbor had for breakfast and how long he had to wait at the post office.  Don’t old people have anything interesting to say? So Not Interested Dear […]

You Got a Problem, Lady?

Dear Short Answers: My neighbor is constantly flirting with my husband and it’s really starting to bother me.  I don’t think that my husband is fooling around (this woman is not that attractive to begin with) but he does seem to like the attention.  And I just think that obvious flirting past the age of […]

Fashion Police on the Prowl

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s okay for heavy-set women to wear really low cut dresses?  I think that E-cup breasts should not be seen in public. MJK Dear MJK: Do the E-cups belong to you?  We don’t think you should be making wardrobe choices for anyone except yourself. 1 person likes this post. […]

Dice Are Loaded

Dear Short Answers: I am a straight woman in Key West who considers herself to be pretty smart and savvy however this one stumps me.  I have a gay male friend who has expressed to me many years ago how grossed out he is thinking about sex with a woman. Now, all of a sudden […]

No Accounting for Rudeness

Dear Short Answers: Over the past several years I have had some serious skin issues and stay out of the sun as much as I possibly can.  People have started to “comment” on how pale I am.  I  just say that I am sensitive to the sun or that I don’t want my skin to […]

No Guarantee

Dear Short Answers: Is it bad luck to throw away a fortune cookie without opening it? Unlucky 7 Dear 7: YES! 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Out with It

Dear Short Answers: I recently discovered that my girlfriend has started to see a psychologist.  I’m not exactly sure why or why she hasn’t told me about it.  We’ve been living together for over 5 years and are thinking about getting married so I would think that we should be able to be completely honest […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Dear Short Answers: Is possible to be too nice?  No matter what anybody says to my husband, he just lets it roll off his back.  Doesn’t everybody need a little backbone now and then? The Mrs. Dear Mrs.: Although we are often fond of the snarky comeback, the satisfaction is fleeting.  We think you  husband […]

Equality Is a Fine Concept

Dear Short Answers: I have three sons of adult age.  Two of them have successful business careers but my youngest son is trying to be a professional musician and has had a difficult time making a living.  Consequently, I have given my youngest child a lot more financial help than the other two.  Apparently, my […]

2 Plus 1?

Dear Short Answers: About 6 months ago, I started volunteering at the local animal shelter and go there 2 or 3 times a week to play with and walk the dogs.  They often need temporary foster homes especially if a dog needs medical care and a quieter environment to recover in.  I promised my husband […]

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