So It Seems

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that most people have at least one gay sexual experience in their lives?  Just to experiment and see what it’s like? Honest Question Dear Honest: Yes … if only in their dreams! Like Unlike

Quitting Your Day Job

Dear Short Answers: I have a very good friend who is an excellent attorney and has a very good job.  The problem is that he desperately wants to be a singer/songwriter.  I have heard him a couple of times at private parties and once at a local bar.  Sadly, he is terrible.  And it’s not [...]

Keep Looking

Dear Short Answers: What is love? Looking for Answers Dear Looking: Love is a moving target. It comes in many flavors and fragrances. It is life enhancing whenever and wherever you find it. Like Unlike

Try the Back Door

Dear Short Answers: A reasonably close friend of mine is getting married in the Spring and she has already started to send out “save the date” postcards to the people who are being invited.  So far, I have not received one.  I’m not sure whether she just assumes that I know the date and will [...]

Pick Your Poison

Dear Short Answers: As I’ve gotten older, I guess I have gotten a bit more prudish and don’t appreciate all the sex and violence that I see on TV.  I don’t think it should be “banned” but I’m just not interested in watching it.  The problem is that the shows I find most offensive are [...]

Learn a New Language?

Dear Short Answers: How do you navigate a year-long political season when it’s clear that you and your husband are on completely different sides of the fence?  A vow of silence? Stalemated Dear Stale: Try board games — or more sex. Like Unlike

The 30-Year Itch

Dear Short Answers: After 30 years of marriage my husband has decided that he wants nothing to do with my family.  He doesn’t mind if I spend time with them but he refuses to even acknowledge their existence.  He says that he just doesn’t find them interesting and doesn’t understand why he has to waste [...]

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