Your House, Your Rules

Dear Short Answers: What do you do about friends who have dogs and bring them EVERYWHERE!! I love dogs but it just strikes me as a bit weird that some people can’t be separated from their pets for a minute.  They take them shopping, they take them on vacation, and if possible, they take them […]

Office Manners Circa 2016

Dear Short Answers: I recently started a new job at a tech firm and everything is going great except for one thing. The person I share an office with is in a wheelchair and needs a lot of additional help.  I completely understand that it takes him longer to do everyday tasks like get coffee […]

Ridiculous Question

Dear Short Answers: I have three friends who are all named “Shawn” and all three of them are gay. Do you think they became gay because they were named Shawn?  Or do you think their parents knew they were going to be gay before they were even born? Would Love to Know Dear Know: We […]

Being There

Dear Short Answers: I finally convinced my husband to join me at a family reunion this spring in Vermont where many of my current family members live. One of my concessions was that we would stay in a hotel rather than with my brother.  Unfortunately, my husband is also planning to eat out at restaurants […]

Carpe Diem

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have always wanted to live in Europe.  When we were working, that wasn’t possible but now that we are retired, we have been looking at potential cities and apartments that we can rent.  Unfortunately, before we could actually pull the trigger and go, my husband developed a serious […]

Conspicuously Absent

Dear Short Answers: Have you noticed that even in this 24/7 campaign coverage, education is barely mentioned? A Citizen Dear Citizen: Yes, we have noticed. Bernie’s promise of free college notwithstanding, there seems to be very little discussion of how we get  our primary and secondary education competitive in the world market. Too difficult a […]

You’re Kidding, Right?

Dear Short Answers: I think that my wife should not disagree with me in public. She thinks that is old-fashioned.  Who is right? Insistent Hubby Dear insistent: She is. We can’t even imagine that your brand of sexism was ever acceptable. Like Unlike

Hang onto Your Wallet

Dear Short Answers: What do you think of this new trend to raise money on sites like Kickstarter for personal vacations and weddings? I’ve gotten a half dozen of these requests over the past couple of months.  Since when did it become MY responsibility to pay for YOUR vacation.  This takes a lot of nerve […]

Three’s a Charm

Dear Short Answers: I just starting dating an older woman who is coming off two very unfortunate relationships. And by that I mean her last two partners died.  Her husband passed away after a long illness.  Then her next lover died suddenly from a heart attack.  I know that she had nothing to do with […]

It’s Nice to Be Important — But It’s More Important to Be Nice

Dear Short Answers: How do I become popular? My friends and I wanna be the “big shots” in school. Help Us Dear Help: “Popular” is an elusive concept. There are many ways to achieve it — sports, school office and just plain old courtesy and respect toward others. Be friendly and kind to your fellow […]

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