Don’t Get Angry, Get Even

Dear Short Answers: I know for a fact that as a woman I make less money than the men at work who have exactly the same job. I have talked to HR but they deny that this is true and of course refuse to tell me what the other people make.  Should I keep complaining […]

Matter of Life and Death

Dear Short Answers: I am so afraid that my niece is into seriously heavy drugs but my sister (her mother) refuses to listen to me. Is there anything else I should be doing to try to help or do I just need to stay out of this horrible situation? Scared Auntie Dear Scared: We think […]

Wrong Issue

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have had dogs our entire married life but now that we are retired I would like to travel more and taking dogs with us is not always a good option. As our current dogs get older and more frail, my husband wants to get a new puppy but […]


Dear Short Answers: Do you think that when this election is over women will finally have real equal rights? Or is it going to get even worse? Getting Nervous Dear Nervous: Well, now the election is over, and we think it is likely to get worse. Like Unlike

Constructing Happiness

Dear Short Answers: I’ve started to de-friend everybody I know on Facebook who posts negative comments about anything — politics, family, life, anything. Now I only have about five friends left.  Is that wrong? Friend Poor Dear Poor: Why don’t you just stay off FB for awhile. Delete it if necessary. We have. Like Unlike

Outlook for the Future: Change Ahead

Dear Short Answers: It’s the holidays again and I’m already upset. My family is all distant and each have their reasons for being unavailable. But I am! What to do? Still Available Dear available: It depends on what “available means.”  If they are unavailable for travel, you can do the traveling. If they are unavailable […]

When More Is More

Dear Short Answers: What should I get my mother-in-law for Christmas? She has everything! DIL Dear DIL: Don’t be lazy! If she has “everything,” then you have a lot of clues about what she likes. Study the problem. Enjoy the solution. Like Unlike

Laugh and the World…

Dear Short Answers: As I’ve gotten older, I find that it’s easier and easier to complain and whine and harder and harder to stay positive. I choose to be positive but so many friends my age do not.  As a result, I’ve simply started to avoid the ones who depress me (and foster my own […]

Throw Out the Rest

Dear Short Answers: How much candy should I let my kids have at Halloween? Mom Dear Mom: Awww, you know the answer to this one. Like Unlike