Meaningful Addition

Dear Short Answers: What is extended family? Just Wondering Dear Wondering: We think that extended family includes blood relatives, in-laws, outlaws, and friends.  It is as many people as your heart can carry. 2 people like this post. Unlike

Transition Blues

Dear Short Answers: My husband retired 2 years ago and is making my life miserable.  The problem is that he can’t seem to do anything without me.  He follows me around like a lonely puppy and constantly asks me what I’m doing and where I’m going.  He’s not checking up on me, he just wants […]

Antidote for Boredom

Dear Short Answers: Why is schooling important? Student Dear Student: If you mean education, it is important because it makes the world available to you: Arts, Travel, Adventure, Work Opportunity and perhaps most important, the expansive nature of your own mind. Like Unlike

Suspend Disbelief

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I recently decided that we should start having a family.  But given the horrible state of the world today we are having second thoughts.  Do you think it is selfish of us to have a child when the world is in such turmoil? Mom2B Dear Mom2B: Just exactly when […]

All’s Fair

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell your boyfriend that the only reason you hang around him is because you have a crush on his sister??? KLT Dear KLT: Siblings are a time honored form of Date Bait.  If you must spell it out for him (and are you sure you must?).  Please be kind. […]

Moving Forward

Dear Short Answers: I don’t think that the major rift in my family over this past election is going to heal any time soon.  Any advice? Tense Dear Tense: Don’t confuse argument with principle.  Commitment is a matter of belief and action.  No where is it written that you must air your views in all […]

Truth and Consequences

Dear Short Answers: It’s already New Year’s Eve and I have not received a single thank you note or phone call from any of my 7 nieces and nephews who I bought significant Christmas gifts for.  Should I just keep waiting?  Or complain to their parents? Uncle Dear Uncle: Cool your jets. Talk to us […]