20 Stone = 280 Pounds

Dear Short Answers: Is 20 stone too heavy to ride a horse? Big Man Dear Big Man: We suggest you ask the horse. Very nicely. Like Unlike

Definitive Forecast

Dear Short Answers: Will Spring ever come to the North East? When? Worried Dear Worried: Most assuredly Spring will arrive — very slowly, then like a wildfire. Like Unlike

Where Angels Fear

Dear Short Answers: I just found out that someone I thought I knew very well is a TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! How do I go on? Errrgh Dear Errrgh: One step at a time … and carefully. Like Unlike

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Dear Short Answers: How do you make kids understand “obligation” and “responsibility”? Mom Dear Mom: Daily example. There is no other way. Like Unlike

Tough Spot

Dear Short Answers: I know my husband is cheating on me even though he denies it. How do I figure out if it’s serious? I don’t want to break up. Annie Dear Annie: If there is someone waiting in the wings, truth and reconciliation are hard to get to — and we believe truth is [...]

Politics, Not Fashion

Dear Short Answers: Who gets to have a say on “Mother-of-the-Bride” dress? MOB Dear MOB: Everyone gets to weigh in, you get to decide. Good Luck. Like Unlike