Context Is Everything

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell the difference between love and sex? Need to Know Dear Need to Know: If you really need to know — you already know. Otherwise don’t ask the question. Like Unlike

It’s a Matter of Taste

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell a friend that she needs a head to toe make-over? Its all wrong! Would Love to Help Dear Help: Fools jump in. Friends wait to be asked. Like Unlike

Give It a Try but Don’t Expect Much

Dear Short Answers: Do I have a right to insist that my grown son and his family visit me in my home? My grandsons have never seen me in my own home, which means on some very basic level, they have no idea who I am. Granny Dear Granny: We feel you but insisting is […]

Take No for an Answer

Dear Short Answers: Is it impolite to ask a good friend why they have stopped drinking?  It’s something we used to enjoy together but whenever I ask, she changes the subject. Miss My Drinking Buddy Dear Buddy: YES it is impolite. In general, people who drank enough to have drinking buddies quit because they realize […]

A Million Naked Stories

Dear Short Answers: Do you think having an affair is a deal breaker in a long marriage? Asking for a Friend Dear Friend: We don’t think it needs to be, but it actually isn’t our opinion that matters on this one. Tell your friend there is a lot of work to be done to restore […]

When It Isn’t Your Marriage

Dear Short Answers: My friends have been married for 25 years. He says he wants out. They both talk to me. I can’t figure out if they need a lawyer or a marriage counselor? What Should I Do? Dear What: Do nothing. Like Unlike

Change the Subject

Dear Short Answers: My wife looks just terrible in a bathing suit. Should I tell her the truth? Honest Hubby Dear HH: Are you serious? Like Unlike

Party Pooper

Dear Short Answers: A good friend is turning 65. I told her “it’s all downhill from here.”  Now she is mad. I think she just can’t handle the truth. Over 65 Dear Over 65: Not every truth need be told. Like Unlike

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: Can a relationship between a 50-year old woman and a 35-year old man possibly last? There is no money involved — neither has any — but I worry my friend (the 50-year old woman) is headed for heartbreak. What do you think? A Good Friend Dear friend: Yes, we think it could […]

Evening Activities for the 21st Century

Dear Short Answers: My friend is drinking way too much. He says it’s TRUMP. Is that a good enough reason to get loaded every single night? Bob Dear Bob: Its a very good reason, it’s just not a solution. Tell him to cut it out and join the RESISTANCE. Like Unlike