Easy One

Dear Short Answers: Should we get another dog? Mutt and Jeff Dear M&J: Yes, of course. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: My boss treats me in a very disrespectful manner. She is also half my age. Do you think that’s the problem? Carole V Dear Carole: Youth may be callow but respect for others is an essential life skill for people of all ages. You might point it out to her — but […]

Warning: Death or Chi-chi

Dear Short Answers:My husband started smoking again. What should I do? Join him? Nagging definitely doesn’t help.Worried Wife Dear Wife:Just look at him sadly. There is no new information. Like Unlike

Winner Takes All

Dear Short Answers: Can anyone beat superman? Lois Dear Lois: We need more information. Like Unlike

Money Problems

Dear Short Answers: My brother, whom I adore, always owes me money, which always annoys me but what to do? In most other ways we get along swell. Sister Sal Dear Sal: This one is easy. Don’t lend him money. Either give it to him and don’t expect it to be returned, or don’t and […]