The Answer Is “No”

Dear Short Answers:Now that my gym is closed, do I have to work out at home (which is even more boring and less useful than working out in a gym)? Can’t I pretend I am “on vacation” and pig out for a couple of weeks if it makes me feel better?Not That Into It Dear […]

We Feel You

Dear Short Answers:I am in Day 12 and I live alone. I started strong. But now I sleep in my clothes and don’t even change in the morning.CovidChallenged Dear Covid:It’s gonna be a long haul. No judgement but we think getting up, making your bed, getting dressed — it’s all important. Nourishes something we can’t […]


Dear Short Answers:My husband refuses to take any precautions about the corona virus. He doesn’t wash his hands regularly, he still shakes hands with strangers and sneezes without covering his mouth.  Can i make him go live in a hotel until this is all over?Worried Sick Dear Worried:He is dead wrong. If he won’t play […]

Election? What election?

Dear Short Answers:Who will Joe Biden pick as a running mate?Need to Know! Dear Need to Know:He hasn’t told us yet. Like Unlike

Grandma Lives in an Airplane

Dear Short Answers:My grandsons have never visited at our home and as a result, have a hard time having a fleshed out idea of who their grandparents are. I’ve expressed this concern to his parents, but so far its a “no go.” They are busy and live on the other coast. Any ideas?Phantom Granny Dear […]

Love Thy Neighbor

Dear Short Answers:My neighbor had surgery and I haven’t seen him or his wife in weeks. I’ve called and texted. Should I wait for them to tell us what’s up, or be a little more aggressive?Worry, Worry, Worry Dear Worry:Leave them alone. They will get in touch when they are ready. Like Unlike